There are 172 memory care facilities in Missouri. The average number of memory care communities for states in the nation is 220. While Missouri is below average, its number of facilities is consistent with the population of seniors in the state. Memory care settings in Missouri are located within assisted living communities and are regulated by the state’s Department of Health and Human Services.

Memory Care Facilities in Nearby States

Out of the 8 states that directly border Missouri, only 2 states have more memory care facilities. Illinois has 343 communities and a much larger senior population. Tennessee has 7 more facilities than Missouri and has a similar number of people aged 65 and older. Iowa also has a similar number of memory care facilities, although it has less than half the seniors as Tennessee. Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska and Oklahoma all have significantly fewer memory care communities than Missouri. 

Memory Care Communities in Missouri Cities

While plenty of seniors live in Missouri’s rural areas, the highest concentration of older adults is in urban and suburban areas. That’s why St. Louis and Kansas City have the most memory care communities with 13 each. A few other medium-sized cities in the state have a good number of facilities, including Chesterfield with 7 and Springfield with 9. Most places in Missouri are within an hour or two of an urban area, so families should be able to find quality memory care near their community.