There are 34 memory care facilities in Maine. Because the state of Maine has one of the largest aging populations in the United States, there is a high rate of memory-related diseases, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. In 2019, Alzheimer’s was one of the leading causes of death among seniors in the state. 

Specialized memory care units provide care for seniors with memory problems who need assistance with day-to-day tasks. Maine is a sought-after state for seniors because it offers a good quality of life and excellent health care, which is why the average cost of memory care in Maine is higher than neighboring states.

The Average Cost of Memory Care in Maine

The estimated cost of memory care in Maine is $7,331 per month. Care facilities in Maine are regularly given five-star ratings for their level of service and personalized care, which is why costs are 30% more than the median cost for care in the United States

Maine is considered a safe and scenic place to retire, and offers a stress-free coastal lifestyle to seniors. Both the health care and cost of living is affordable, and seniors can enjoy numerous memory care assistance programs from both state and nonprofit organizations. 

Finding a Memory Care Facility

Finding a memory care facility in Maine is easy with a high volume of highly rated communities to choose from. Because seniors with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other conditions related to memory loss present in a unique range of symptoms, they often require specialized care. Some memory care units are part of an assisted living community, offered as a specific program or separate living accommodations, while other facilities focus solely on providing care for those with memory issues. 

A dedicated memory care unit will regularly schedule social activities to improve memory and cognitive functioning, and staff tailors care plans to specifically address your loved one’s needs. To find the perfect facility, you’ll need to make a checklist of their medical requirements and daily challenges. Find out if your loved one exhibits difficult behavior, determine their level of mobility and explore opportunities for 24-hour care, which includes assistance with dressing and other daily tasks. Clarifying a loved one’s daily needs and the degree of their memory loss will assist you in choosing the perfect facility.