There are 75 memory care facilities in Idaho. These communities are spread throughout the state but are mostly concentrated in the most populated cities. In some cases, Idaho residents who live close to the border with other states will have access to additional memory care communities. Some memory care settings are located within assisted living, while others may be independent facilities. 

Memory Care Facilities in Idaho and Other States

The number of memory care facilities in Idaho is at the lower end of the range for states in the Pacific Northwest. In Washington state, there are 550 facilities, but the population of seniors in Washington is nearly four times as high as in Idaho. Oregon has 231 memory care communities and about 800,000 senior citizens. Montana has only 31 memory care communities despite the population of older adults being about 66% of the level in Idaho. In Wyoming, there are about 100,000 senior citizens, and there are only 10 facilities. 

Idaho Cities with Memory Care Facilities

Some cities in Idaho may have many memory care facilities, while others will have one or none at all. The number usually depends on the population of older adults living in the community. Boise has eight memory care communities and nearly 35,000 adults aged 65 and older, one of the state’s highest populations of senior citizens. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Rathdrum has about 1,300 seniors and only one facility. Smaller communities may have no memory care within their city limits but have facilities located within just a few miles. In places such as Coeur d’Alene, there are four facilities in the city and many more within the greater metro area, including some in Washington state.