How Do You Find the Best Home Health Care?

Author: Jackie Smart

Reviewed by: Brindusa Vanta

You find the best home health care provider by asking for recommendations, checking certifications and staff credentials and ensuring the agency provides the medical services you need. More than 11,350 home health care agencies exist in the United States, and with the median annual cost of home health care reaching $75,504 in 2024, it’s important to carry out due diligence to identify the best agency for your needs.

Recommendations and Online Research

Asking friends, colleagues and family members for recommendations is a great place to start. Next, conduct an online search to learn about an agency’s reputation and history, such as:

  • How long they have been in business
  • When their last inspection was
  • Online reviews by past and current clients
  • Testimonials from employees
  • Use’s senior care directory 

Once you’ve done your homework, draw up a shortlist of potential agencies and contact each for further information.

Conduct Interviews

Certain criteria can help determine if an agency delivers quality care. Before making any decisions, conduct interviews with each provider to ask about certifications and staff credentials.


Seniors on Medicaid or Medicare can often use their policies and plans to help cover the cost of home health care. It’s therefore important to find a certified agency. In addition to easing the financial burden, employing an accredited provider guarantees they meet certain federal health and safety standards.

Staff Credentials

Home health teams typically consist of caregivers and medical professionals, such as registered nurses, physicians and physical, occupational and speech therapists. As this team will care for you or your loved one, ensure the agency conducts background checks on all employees. Ask agencies about staff qualifications and whether their team receives any special training.

Ensure They Offer Services You Need

Finally, you must understand the full range of services each home health agency offers. Most assist with personal care and daily chores and provide skilled nursing care, therapy services and social work. Many providers also offer specialty programs such as pulmonary care, diabetes management and cardiac care. Everyone has different needs, so ensure your chosen agency provides the level and type of care you require.