How Do I Hire a Home Care Nurse for Cancer Care?

Author: Sarah Williams

Reviewed by: Catherine Braxton

You can hire a home care nurse for cancer care by contacting local home health care agencies and discussing your needs. Speak with your physician if you think you would benefit from nursing or therapeutic assistance at home.

Overview of Home Health Care

Home health care involves a team of medically trained professionals who deliver clinical services in a senior’s home. Teams comprise nurses, certified aides, doctors, therapists and medical social workers. Services enable older adults to remain in a familiar environment while undergoing cancer treatment or managing symptoms rather than staying in a nursing home or hospital. Those nearing the end of their life may also receive in-home hospice care.

Benefits of a Home Care Nurse for People With Cancer

Licensed practical or registered nurses provide home health care services for individuals with cancer. Using personalized care plans, they monitor a person’s condition, record vital data such as weight and blood pressure, coordinate care with doctors and administer medications. They also perform skilled nursing duties, including wound care, pain management, catheter care and feeding tube maintenance. Home-delivered services reduce the need to attend outpatient appointments.

Home health care nurses also teach seniors and their loved ones how to manage cancer symptoms and offer counseling and emotional support. Nursing aides often complement nurse-led services, assisting with activities of daily living such as oral hygiene.

Finding a Suitable Agency

If searching independently for a cancer care nurse, contact local providers to find out if they can meet your needs. Also, compare reviews and seek recommendations before making a decision. In most cases, though, the individual’s doctor refers them to a particular agency for support. However, people don’t need to accept their physician’s recommendation and can still find an agency themselves.