Seniors living in Utah can get help with home health care services through Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare can be used to cover the cost of in-home medical care for seniors who are homebound. Medicaid can help seniors who meet medical and income eligibility criteria access additional in-home support such as personal care services, home-delivered meals and assistive devices.

A senior is considered to be homebound if they are unable to leave the house without extensive planning and support. They may still go out to attend certain medical appointments or access day care services but would be unable to leave the house unaided on short notice.

Medicare Does Not Cover Personal Care Services

Medicare covers medical services only. It does not cover other support that a homebound senior might require, such as meal service or help with the activities of daily living. Seniors may be able to get help with the cost of those services through Medicaid programs. These are aimed at low-income seniors, but seniors who have an income slightly above the eligibility limits may be able to use spenddown programs to become eligible for Medicaid by offsetting the cost of certain eligible medical expenses against their income.

The Home And Community-Based Alternatives Program Helps Seniors Remain Independent

The Home and Community Based Alternatives Medicaid waiver is one of the main Medicaid options for seniors who require help to live independently in their homes. This is a consumer-directed waiver that gives seniors the freedom to choose who they use to deliver certain in-home services, including transportation, homemaker services and meals.