South Dakota’s Medicaid program covers certain home health care services. These services include those required to help older and disabled adults live at home instead of entering a nursing or basic care facility and certain postpartum services. You can only receive funded home health care in South Dakota if you meet the state’s Medicaid eligibility criteria.

Home Health Care Services Covered by South Dakota

Medicaid recipients can receive funded care services in their own homes when prescribed by their physician or another licensed healthcare professional. South Dakota will only pay for services recorded in your care plan, and your doctor must review your care plan regularly to maintain your eligibility. 

Examples of home health services funded by South Dakota include:

  • Skilled nursing care
  • Medical supplies required by the attending healthcare professional to perform care services
  • Medical social services
  • Rehabilitative or functional maintenance therapies

Excluded Services

South Dakota doesn’t usually cover daily home health care visits for longer than four weeks. However, the state may approve long-term daily visits if your physician verifies they are medically necessary. 

You can only receive funding for home health care services delivered in your home. Therefore, South Dakota won’t pay for care visits carried out in other places in the community, such as schools or hospitals.