Arizona Long Term Care Services (ALTCS) provides funds for home health services, including home nursing and medical equipment, in addition to regular home visits by a home health aide or other paramedical professional. Seniors who are already enrolled in Arizona Medicaid and have a disability are generally eligible for ALTCS.

Arizona Long Term Care Services (ALTCS)

ALTCS supports seniors who need home health care with direct payments to authorized agencies, which then assign a home health aide, home visiting nurse or other caregiver to perform regular at-home medical services, including wound care and home medical tests. The program also pays for durable medical equipment and consumable supplies, such as diabetes testing supplies and bandages. Seniors aging in place can also get home-delivered meals and certain other non-medical support services through an ALTCS waiver.

To enroll in ALTCS, seniors in Arizona must be citizens or permanent legal residents, meet the income and asset eligibility guidelines for Arizona Medicaid and have a medical or age-related disability that justifies placement in a nursing home or other residential care setting. A Medicaid-authorized doctor must certify that home health services are necessary for the beneficiary to remain safely at home, and new enrollees must typically agree to a home visit and needs assessment by a program worker before benefits can be authorized.

Once enrolled, seniors using the ALTCS waiver can apply their benefit directly toward a state-approved home health agency to pay for the cost of home health care. Other expenses can generally be billed to the program on a managed care model.

Other Waiver and Non-Waiver Home Care Programs in Arizona

Seniors who are eligible for an ALTCS waiver but who would prefer to take a more direct hand in managing their own benefits can opt instead for Self-Directed Attendant Care (SDAC), SDAC allows beneficiaries to control program funds themselves and act as the employer in the relationship with their paramedical or non-medical caregivers. Family members and friends may become paid caregivers under SDAC, but home health services must be delivered by a qualified paramedical professional, such as a registered home health aide or nurse.

Arizona’s third care option, Agency with Choice (AWC), is strictly non-medical and focuses on personal care, chore assistance and other assisted living-style services for less medically needy seniors.