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  1. Shouild my husband apply first for disability benefits or retirement benefits?

    I'm terribly sorry to hear about your husband's diagnosis. I hope that his Social Security benefits and Medicare coverage can make these next months somewhat easier for you both.
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  2. Can medicare refuse payment if I left the hospital before released?

    Medicare Part A will cover your inpatient hospital bill if the care you received there was medically necessary and had to be provided to you as an inpatient. Medicare Part B (if you have it) will cover the bills for any treatment you received from outside doctors while you were a hospital patient. ...
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  3. I Signed an AMA to leave ER after cat scan found nothing - will Medicare pay for it?

    The document you signed twice upon leaving the emergency room is called an Against Medical Advice (AMA) release form. Generally, it has nothing to do with Medicare coverage. Instead, it is a document to protect the hospital and the doctor from a lawsuit by you if your condition worsens after leavi...
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  4. Will my income affect my father's chances of Medicaid?

    Neither your income nor your assets (such as your car) will be counted by Medicaid when it determines your father's eligibility. The only part of your finances that might be considered by Medicaid would be amounts that you regularly spend on his behalf. So, for example, if you regularly buy grocer...
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  5. Medicare Insurance Primary/Secondary

    Medicare operates together with employer-sponsored health insurance in two different ways, depending on whether the insurance is provided through current employment or through a retirement plan. When health insurance is provided through current employment, that insurance is the primary payer, meani...
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  6. When does my husband sign up for Medicare?

    The short answer is that he should sign up for Medicare Part A hospital insurance right away (it's free) but as long as he's insured under the insurance you have from your current employment, he does not need to enroll in Medicare Part B medical insurance (which charges a monthly premium) unless it ...
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  7. divorcing spouse with Alzheimer in order to protect my assets

    Hello, Thank you for posting your question on I am sorry to hear of your current situation and your need to look at all your options. If you are reviewing your housing options for both you and your wife, you may want to contact's Family Advisors. They are able to help guide ...
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  8. Medicaid form W-1E or W-LTC?

    Hello Flemingpond, Thank you for posting your question on's website. I am sorry to here of your mother's health condition. For Medicaid forms and resources you may want to contact your local Area Agency on the Aging:'s Family...
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  10. My Mom was getting help with a prescription plan part d I think we had not known

    if she is on medicare and not a Medicare Advantage plan, which is an HMO,PPO. Then you can only buy the plan from 10/15-Dec 7th, during open enrollment. If her income is low you can use the patient Assistant program. Contact me, I will see if I can help her.
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  11. Why do I have to have Part A Medicare when I already have private insurance?

    Since you receive SSDi, you are required to be covered by Medicare Part A. You are also covered by your spouse's employer plan. These coverages work together without duplication. Depending on how many employees there are in your spouse's company, Medicare will either be primary or secondary. If ther...
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  12. How do I find a psychiatrist in the Medicare pages?

    To find a psychiatrist on the Medicare site, go to
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  13. If not completely satisfied with VA, will Medicare Part B provide full coverage?

    If you are covered by the VA's medical program and also are enrolled in Medicare Part B, you have a choice about which program will cover any particular medical service or treatment. However, you cannot use both programs for the save service or treatment. that's because they work in completely sep...
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  14. Will Medicare cover pre-existing conditions?

    The good news is that Medicare does not have any preexisting conditions. As soon as you are enrolled in the program, you are covered for any past or present medical conditions. So if you can wait until you are enrolled, Medicare will pay for your surgery. Keep in mind that Medicare does have deducti...
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  15. Does Medicare pay for eye exams and glasses?

    Medicare Part B covers only a very limited amount of eye care. The coverage is restricted to treatment of disease and post-surgical care, and only if provided by a medical doctor, not an optometrist or optician. Medicare Part B does NOT cover vision examinations, eyeglasses, or contact lenses unles...
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  16. Can Medicare part B pay my lab bill retroactively?

    Medicare Part B will not cover any medical costs that were incurred before you were enrolled in it, so if you had these tests before you were enrolled in Part B, Medicare will not pay for any part of their cost. If you have tests after you are enrolled, though, it does not matter when the doctor or...
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  17. Will enrolling in Medicare three months after being eligible cover pre-existing conditions?

    There is good news for you about coverage for preexisting conditions by Medicare, but you have to act quickly.
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  18. FAQ: Can Medicaid Coverage Be Retroactive?

    Yes, Medicaid (called Medi-Cal in California) medical, home care, and nursing home coverage can be retroactive. If someone is approved for Medicaid, coverage can go back not only to the date of application but also to three months prior to the application. But retroactive coverage is not automatic. ...
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  19. FAQ: What Are Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B Premiums, Deductibles, and Coinsurance Amounts for 2011?

    Medicare premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance amounts change each year for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. (For people who receive their Medicare hospital and medical coverage through a Medicare Part C Medicare Advantage plan, premiums, deductibles, and co-payments are determined by the plan ...
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  20. Does Medicare pay for shingles vaccine?

    No, it won't. In general, Medicare doesn't do a very good job of covering preventive medical care . The only immunizations it covers are a yearly flu shot, the pneumonia vaccine, and the vaccine against hepatitis B (if you are at medium or high risk for contracting the disease).
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