Says, "I want to go home" (whether home or not)

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When it happens

Moderate-stage dementia

Why it happens

As language skills decline, it may become harder to express complicated feelings. When the person is upset, scared, or feeling insecure, "home" represents a place of security and happiness.

What you can do

  • Don't necessarily take it literally. "Home" is often more of a concept of warmth than the person's current home. Often people with dementia refer to a childhood or past home as if it's where they live now.

  • Don't necessarily take it as a condemnation of current living quarters. Someone in a nursing facility may not literally mean they want to leave with you, but rather that they're upset about something that can be fixed: a brusque aide, being cold, feeling hungry.

  • Soothe by inviting, "You really miss home. Tell me about home."

  • If you think the person is still verbal enough to want to revisit a particular home, you can try this -- but be prepared for the possibility that even a favorite former home will not be remembered