Restless Pacing

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When it happens

Moderate-stage dementia

Why it happens

Repetitive activities are soothing to some people with dementia; others simply get stuck on certain habits. Boredom is another cause.

What you can do

  • It's best to give into this behavior rather than trying to restrain your loved one or insisting that he or she stop -- even though witnessing this relentless movement can be frustrating to you.

  • Be sure to give a wide berth. If you crowd too closely, you might cause your loved one to feel physically threatened.

  • Try to channel this excessive energy by directing it to yard work (picking up sticks, raking leaves, stacking wood) or housework (scrubbing a floor, vacuuming, sweeping). Any repetitive busywork can help.

  • Take care that your loved one doesn't wander off. Restless pacing can lead to wandering in some individuals.