Requires constant help to manage personal care

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When it happens

It can happen at any stage for someone with dementia who also has other health conditions. But for most people with dementia without other conditions, it happens by the late moderate to early severe stage.

Why it happens

The brain and body communication continues to erode, eventually affecting all basic systems such as elimination, eating, and walking. By end-stage dementia, it's natural for the body to begin shutting down.

What you can do

Stick to routines as much for your own benefit as for the person with dementia. That way, you won't accidentally neglect key needs, such as administering medication or changing bed sheets.

Learn how to identify and prevent common health problems, including bed sores (pressure sores), circulatory problems, dehydration, and [delirium(item://what-is-delirium).

Enlist help; no caregiver can manage this stage alone 24/7. Look into home health services or out-of-home placements.