Loses interest in TV

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When it happens: Late mild through moderate-stage dementia

Why it happens: Waning interest in television, especially in those shows that were once enjoyed, can happen when the noise, complex plots, rapid scene-cutting, and commercial breaks are too much for someone with dementia to comfortably process.

What you can do:

  • Try slower-paced nature shows rather than frenetic game shows or reality programs.

  • Try sports events that don't require following along too closely to be enjoyed.

  • Choose programming without commercial breaks, which can be confusing and cause the show itself to be forgotten.

  • Play more music. We sometimes get away from considering music entertainment, using it mainly as background sound. But your loved one may enjoy it as his or her primary entertainment.

  • Consider old TV show favorites programmed into a handheld device such as an iPad. The intimacy of the viewing and the familiar old characters may sustain your loved one's interest.