Has trouble using the phone and other familiar gadgets (TV remote, computer, DVD player)

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When it happens

Mid to late mild stage.

Why it happens

It's growing difficult to follow a sequence and remember details (what does this button represent?).

What you can do

  • Remember that this is a more notable symptom in someone who was versed in these gadgets before; some people were never adept at them. It's important to focus on what has changed .

  • Be patient if you get a new version of an old device (such as a new remote with different buttons). Learning new things is very difficult by mild stage dementia; even someone well versed in gadgets may find it difficult to learn how to use a device that's slightly different.

  • Try using memory aids: Circle the "on" button with permanent marker; leave a note boiled down to two simple instructions ("Press red button. Then press yellow one."). Over time, however, even these may be hard to follow.

  • Avoid storing similar gadgets near one another. A cell phone and a camera, or a house phone and a TV remote, for example, are often confused for one another.

  • Try simplified versions of devices. There are computers that only do e-mail, "memory" phones whose buttons have pictures of the people most often dialed, and dial-less telephones that can be answered but not dialed. Learning to use even simple new devices can be challenging, however.

  • Try not to criticize mistakes. Just gently offer your help: "Let me see if I can do it."