Susie Butler, CMS Director of Provider Affairs

Susie has been with CMS since 1992 and currently leads CMS' Division of Provider Affairs, a group that works with a range of organizations who professionally touch Medicare beneficiaries and help them, directly or indirectly, access important services. Susie is also personally and professionally committed to supporting the nation's caregiving population and helps lead CMS' Ask Medicare caregiver initiative.

Susie's 18 year career with CMS has also included work in the survey/certification area for nursing homes, the quality improvement program, and the publications department. Prior to joining CMS, Susie spent nine years as the Director of Programs for the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, an offshoot of the American Academy of Family Physicians. There, she directed programs and conferences with a focus on emerging topics and educational issues, and helped set up international fellowships in conjunction with the Kellogg Foundation in emerging countries.

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