Jennie Powell, Geriatric Pharmacist

Dr. Jennie Powell is a certified geriatric pharmacist and owner of Right at Home of Morgantown, WV, an in-home care and assistance agency. As a dedicated senior care pharmacist and operator of a successful private duty agency, she has combined her extensive experience in geriatric pharmacy with the needs of her clients, many of whom are on complex medication regimens. She has built a network of providers of senior health and welfare services in her community, and provides education and information to physicians, nurses, social workers and fellow pharmacists on topics related to the care of seniors.

Powell was director of pharmacy services for Beverly Healthcare and Golden Ventures, providing long-term nursing and assisted living care across 26 states, and was instrumental in guiding those companies through the implementation of Medicare Part D. She has been nationally recognized through her work with the American Health Care Association, the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists and the Pharmacy Quality Alliance.

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