Candle Story for My Mom

Sarafan2 made this candle.

My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease about 5+ years ago. Her mom had the same disease, and lost her battle at the ripe age of 92. My Nana lived a very long and vibrant life. It was terrible for me to see her in her last phases of Alzheimers, but I tried so hard to remember all the good things that we had done together, and the birthdays we had celebrated. Alzheimers is such a crippling disease to ones mind and body. I watch my mom struggle to do the simplest task, and it angers her when she can't do it. She is my best friend and has always been there for me, so this kills me to watch her suffer with this terrible disease for which we so badly need a cure. People are getting this younger and younger it seems. I spend my time now trying to make my mom happy by taking her places, doing her nails for her(she loves that), and just visiting with her and my cats. SHe absolutely adores my cats.I can't waste time going back thinking about all of the things we used to do, as it takes too much out of me, so I focus on how I can make her happy at the time, and keep her safe.While my mom stills knows who I am, which I'm thankful for, my biggest fear is to have the day come when she no longer knows what my name is. That scares me to death. All I know is that I will do whatever to make her feel comfortable and be as happy as she fights this awful disease which is crippling millions of Americans each day. I pray to god that there will be a cure for this someday, and that my family won't have to watch me suffer like I watch my mom.