Suzie Mitchell, author

Suzie Mitchell has more than 25 years communications experience and is an expert writer and blogger for numerous online publications. She is nationally recognized for her focus groups, survey research and UX observations of the 50+ audience and its use of mobile technology. She is the co-author of How to Market Digital Healthcare Products to Boomers, Seniors & Caregivers, and has authored a chapter on mobile apps and the 50+ audience in the recently released book Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Apps for Business.

Why I Care

"I live in a Detroit-area suburb with my husband and dog. My only son is married and lives in New York. I recently asked my 80-year-old widowed mother to move back to the area so we can spend time together while she is still active. Many of my friends are caregivers to their parents and I admire their compassion and patience. I hope to emulate them. In the meantime, I write about the many resources available to caregivers and share them with my friends, hoping to ease their burden just a little."