Halley Suitt Tucker, Caring.com author

Halley Suitt Tucker writes at the Boston Globe // BetaBoston, does a weekly podcast for TechCrunch called G3, Gillmor Gang Girls where she and her girl geek co-hosts talk about tech on Thursdays at 3:00. She is entrepreneur who has been a CEO of a start-up, as well as a barista at Starbucks. Her novel, Founders Less Than Three is about women entrepreneurs starting high tech companies at a fictional accelerator program in Boston's Kendall Square. She's been published in Harvard Business Review, been a blogger since 2002 at Halley's Comment and sold short stories to the last few magazines publishing fiction, including Penthouse. She has appeared on Oprah's Book Club. A married mother of one, she is still trying to figure out why her tiny baby boy is now a 6'3" college student.

Her parents moved from their home in Connecticut to Boston in their late 70's and changed doctors. Her father's new medical team found out that his heart medicines were not appropriate and changed them, improving his well-being considerably. Her mother's doctor, when investigating her occasional back pain discovered she was suffering from late stage lung cancer and she passed away soon after the diagnosis. Halley helped in caretaking through out this time, as well as during her father's last years, as he outlived her mother by five years.

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