Connie Matthiessen, senior editor

Constance (Connie) Matthiessen, senior editor, has worked as a healthcare and environmental journalist at the Center for Investigative Reporting and has written for WebMD, Consumer Health Interactive, the Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle,, San Francisco magazine, Mother Jones, and other publications. Connie's background also includes a B.A. in literature from Evergreen State College and an MFA in writing from Warren Wilson College. She has been interested in eldercare issues since shortly after college, when she spent a year caring for elderly people in a nursing home.

Connie, who lives in San Francisco with her three children, considers herself lucky that her parents are still healthy and active as they approach their 80s. They both continue to pursue their passions, including fishing, horseback riding, travel, and spending time with their children, grandchildren,and great-grandchildren, providing living proof that growing old -- for all its challenges -- can be a time of inspiration, connection, and adventure.