Affordability is a major concern when it comes to finding the right assisted living facility. You can find affordable assisted living facilities by learning where average rates are below the national average. According to Genworth’s 2020 Cost of Care Survey, as of 2020 the nationwide average rate for assisted living care is $4,300 per month, or $51,600 per year. 

You may want to look at long-standing assisted living communities to find affordable options. In addition, consider facilities that are operated by nonprofit organizations and faith-based groups. 

Find Out Where Assisted Living Rates Are Lower

One of the best ways to find an affordable assisted living facility is to look in an area where average long-term care costs are at or below the national average. Assisted living rates vary widely throughout the country, and average rates within a state or county can also differ significantly.

For example, within Florida, average assisted living rates range from a low of $2,895 per month in Sebring to a high of $5,506 in the state capitol, Tallahassee. In California, monthly assisted living rates in Stockton average $3,500 per month, while the same level of care costs more than double in Salinas at $7,100 per month. 

In general, assisted living rates are linked to the local or regional cost of living. You’re more likely to find lower care rates in areas with relatively low housing, food and labor costs, while rates tend to be highest in places where the overall cost of living is high. 

You can review average assisted living rates for areas you’re interested in by doing a location search on Genworth’s 2020 Cost of Care Survey

Consider an Established Assisted Living Community

Many older assisted living facilities offer the same level of care that’s offered in new, resort-style senior living communities, but at a lower monthly rate. This is largely due to the fact that established facilities often lack some of the amenities that can increase operating costs, such as swimming pools, town car service and media rooms. 

Rates in assisted living or continuing care facilities that are run by nonprofit groups or faith-based organizations are often quite affordable as well.