New survey from and reveals baby boomers caring for aging parents not able to afford vacation or leave parents on their own

San Mateo, CA / Louisville, KY (August 17, 2009) – Seventy-nine percent of baby boomers say caring for an aging parent has impacted their vacation plans this summer. This insight is one of many garnered from a new research study conducted by and to measure the impact of caregiving on summer travel trends among baby boomers.

“Caring for, and paying for the care of an aging parent, prevented many boomers from taking a vacation this summer,” said Andy Cohen, co-founder and CEO, “And in the case a boomer was able to take a vacation, caring for their aging parent hindered their ability to travel far and in some cases, required they bring their parent along with them.”

The partner research from, a leading online destination for people caring for aging parents, and Vibrant Nation, the first peer-to-peer information-sharing website devoted exclusively to successful women over 50, also uncovered the following:

  • 70% of baby boomers cited not being able to leave parent on their own as the main reason they weren’t able to go on vacation;
  • 55% of baby boomers couldn’t afford to go;
  • 85% of boomers caring for an aging parent are women.

“Caring for an aging parent, coupled with increased caring for adult children due to the recession, left boomer women with little time to get away this summer,” commented Stephen Reily, Founder and CEO, “Based on what we have learned from Vibrant Nation members, women over 50 have a strong sense of connectedness and really carry the load when it comes to caregiving for the generations on either side. When these women are able to get away, they most often depend on other women to help in their absence.”

For the thirty percent of boomers that were able to take a summer vacation, even when they were taking a break they weren’t really on one:

  • 74% planned to limit travel time by visiting destinations that weren’t far from home;
  • 20% planned to bring their parent with them.

Regardless of whether or not a parent stayed home or came with them, preparation was the name of the game:

  • 35% developed medication checklists;
  • 32% ask a friend to check in on the parent;
  • 54% place daily phone calls.

Caregivers can visit to find additional information on arranging outside care, how to develop medication checklists, and tips on travel preparation when caring for an aging parent.

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