Content Marketing Services Offered to Better Reach Baby Boomers and Older Adults

SAN MATEO, CA; February 1, 2016 — Senior living communities, home care agencies, and other senior care companies often struggle with how to do effective content marketing without spending a lot of money to hire experts. Many don’t have time or resources to continually generate fresh, relevant topics for articles or blog posts, let alone the weekly cadence most blogging authorities recommend. Gauging how well their existing content impacts their overall sales and marketing is also challenging these organizations that would rightfully rather put more focus on serving the care and quality of life needs of the older adults already counted among their clientele.

As a referral partner to the senior care industry, and through its award-winning Digital Marketing Academy, is pleased to announce the launch of “Content Made Simple,” a content marketing program to support senior care companies. The program will provide a range of services to help senior care companies share informative content that engages Baby Boomers and older adults, including:

  • Monthly “content sparks” or timely ideas for local senior care provider blog posts
  • Tips for optimizing content for search and social reach
  • Guidance for driving and measuring content-sourced outcomes
  • “Expert Rolodex” opportunities to participate as sources for media seeking senior care experts ( clients only)
  • Use of’s existing content on other senior care websites or in e-newsletters ( clients only)
  • Unique, original articles written by journalists for other senior care websites or blogs (limited availability, clients only)

“Using informative content to engage your audience is now one of the most effective marketing tools for senior care companies for three reasons: the changing purchase behavior of the online consumer, longer decision cycles, and increasing ad blindness,” Ms. Roper says. “Yet, this opportunity has remained elusive for many in our industry, thus the need for programs like Content Made Simple to help senior care companies get compelling messages out and stay top of mind with prospects.” vice president, Katie Roper will unveil the details of the Content Made Simple program at the Digital Marketing Academy’s next industry webinar, “Beyond the Buzzword: The Power of Content Marketing for Senior Care Companies” on Thursday, February 11. The session will cover what content marketing is exactly, why senior care companies should be doing it, how to gauge its effectiveness, and how to take advantage of the Content Made Simple program. Merrily Orsini (president/CEO of corecubed aging care marketing agency) and Brandi Towns (director of content strategy, reputation and social at GlynnDevins marketing agency) will also lend their expertise during the session. The webinar is free of charge, but space is limited and interested parties are encouraged to sign up ASAP to reserve their spot:

Senior living communities, home care agencies, and other senior care companies who are interested in taking advantage of the Content Made Simple marketing program may also call (866) 824-9202 to get more information about’s referral services.