Consider Your State’s Cost of Senior Care, Overall Cost of Living, and Access to Elderly Support Services

SAN MATEO, CA; Feb. 21, 2018 — As adult children assume greater care for their aging parents, the issue of senior care costs in the area where their parents live becomes increasingly important. Oklahoma is the most affordable state in the nation for aging adults, according to a new report. The study ranked the affordability of all 50 states for adults who are 65 and older using 11 financial metrics.

Mississippi, Missouri, Wisconsin, Idaho, South Carolina and Tennessee follow the Sooner State at the top of the list of the cheapest states for seniors, especially those who are in need of some assistance, such as in-home care or assisted living.

Meanwhile, the study found that the most expensive states for older adults were North Dakota, Hawaii, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Wyoming.

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Rankings for all 50 states, plus info about what makes some states more affordable for older adults

“One of the most frequent questions we hear from adult children looking for senior care is ‘How much will it cost?’ followed by, ‘How do we pay for it?’,” said vice president Tim Sullivan. “We want to encourage folks to plan for these costs sooner rather than later, and to help spread awareness about the resources — or lack thereof — for both seniors and those caring for older adults in their state.”

The study looked at each state’s cost of living index, availability of senior health care programs and support for family caregivers, and the average costs of senior care. It found that there was not always a correlation between at state’s senior care costs and supportive policies and programs for the elderly and family caregivers. For example, Mississippi, the second-cheapest state for seniors, ranked #35 for elderly and caregiver support. And Massachusetts, one of the most expensive states for senior care and cost of living (#46 for both), scored #3 for such programs.


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