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Sarah Neuman Center For Health Care & Rehab
Posted by Caring79648450 February 28, 2014

I visited this facility

Sarah Neuman was a nursing home and they had a nice section for Alzheimer people. It would have been great because I could just walk to it. However, I did not like it at all and I was so disappointed. I had a friend with me when I came there and she said: "You're not gonna put John there, are you?".

I had an appointment at 11:00 o'clock. When we got there, I don't know how many people we saw lined up in wheelchair. I asked the lady: "What were they doing here" and she said: "They are waiting for lunch". I said: "My, it's 11:00 o'clock". She said: "Yeah, but it take us a long time to gather them". I said: "Well, okay. Where is the section I want to see? The assisted living?"

It was not very clean. It was not very organized. I said, "What are your activities?" "Well, they had the TV". I said: "Oh, okay, Fine". It's good to kill the time but I don't think TV was a distraction therapy. I really didn't like the look of it and I was not the only one. What I didn't like was the assistant to giving bath to those. They were just cattled around. They were placed in a chair, put in a lift and put into a bath tub. That thing was not very friendly. I knew they were handicapped and I knew they needed help. However, it was like a factory and I did not like it.

Sarah Neuman Center For Health Care & Rehab
Posted by HappyPeople September 30, 2011

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Sarah Neuman is an excellent facility for assisted living facility. One of the most important aspects of this type of facility is cleanliness, and on this front Sarah Neuman excels. The food at Sarah Neuman is always first class, and they have a steady rotation of foods. Sarah Neuman has a beautiful garden and courtyard area, which is a perfect place to meet family and have a lovely meal with friends and family. Sarah Neuman also has top of the line nursing and care. Smiling nurse, who know what they are doing, makes me confident of the quality of the 24 hour care at Sarah Neuman. Sarah Neuman gives the feeling of safety and that is critical in an assisted living facility. Sarah Neuman has taken excellent care of my family in the past and I highly recommend them to anyone thinking about it. Overall, Sarah Neuman has a well rounded program and is a wonderful place to visit.

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