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Reviews of Peregrine's Landing at Emory Heights

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Peregrine's Landing at Emory Heights
Posted by Caring30877250 February 28, 2014

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My mom stayed at Emeritus at Decatur. It is more closer to me. They started out well. They kept the residents up all day and they had them go to bed early at night. However, I had to take mom out of there because of some of the things I saw. I found out that they didn't really wash them and that they just wiped them down. My mom's clothes went missing and she had clothes that didn't belong to her.

Mom was eating all kinds of stuff there to the point that she was gaining weight. But she was supposed to be on a special diet because of her cholesterol. They would mostly play games; however, most of the residents just sat around. I never really did see them go out on trips.

Peregrine's Landing at Emory Heights
Posted by quiet one March 26, 2012

I am a friend or relative of resident

There are many changes underway at this facility by the Emeritus Corp and I see none of them as positive. One neighborhood was closed and residents moved to the remaining three neighborhoods.There are no activities for the residents although the activity calendar that is posted reveals lots of activities. There is not sufficient staff to care for the residents. Safety does not appear to be their main concern. Please review their inspection reports online before placing a family member here. This used to be a great facility years ago but it has really gone downhill.

Peregrine's Landing at Emory Heights
Posted by Concerned Social Worker July 28, 2011

I visited this facility

Ownership of this facility has changed hands at least three times in the last six years or so, which can be very difficult on the residents and usually indicates some underlying problems.

There are 46 apartments in the place"”mostly memory care and some assisted living.

The facility administrators put residents into one of three groups according to their perceived abilities and acuities. "Early stage memory care" is basically assisted living; "middle stage" residents require more specialized care and services; and "late stage" still more care and services.

The whole place is locked down, even for the residents in assisted living, which is about one-fourth of the place. The residents are housed in "neighborhoods" arranged in long hallways according to a theme: boat, beach, mountains, oceans. Because of the set-up, some assisted living residents get confused and frustrated"”and wonder about why residents with far less capabilities are in their area.

Each neighborhood has a set amount of rooms, with half bath and a main dining room. Food is served at four or five tables in each neighborhood; residents can't go eat with their friends in another neighborhood, which is frustrating and disappointing to some of them. It seems that the administrator gives no room for wiggling from the rules, which don't seem to be working to the residents' advantages.

There are about 30 staff members for all three shifts in the facility: three CNAs in each neighborhood and one LPN for the entire place. And there are some specific problems with the staff. While there is an activity director, she arranges the same activities despite differing interests and abilities among the residents. And the executive director seems to stay in her office rather than have a real awareness of the residents or what's going on more generally in the facility. Worst of all, there is often bickering among staff members, even in front of residents and visitors.

Although the facility is close to a hospital and doctor, it's not in the greatest area of town. There is a lot of crime nearby"”and problems with drugs and gangs. While the facility is secured, one agitated resident recently broke free and got loose in the neighborhood.

Cost is among the more expensive for the area"”starting at $3,000 a month.

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