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Is my blood sugar level of 176 normal?

1 answer | Last updated: Apr 01, 2013
Diabetic_55 asked...
Is my blood sugar level of 176 normal?

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CalCNA12 answered...

A blood glucose level of 176 mg/dL attained from the Fasting Plasma Glucose Test (FPG) falls into the diabetic range. Diabetes is defined as the inability of the body to See also:
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produce insulin, which results in high blood sugar and can cause a variety of health complications. If you've taken a Random Glucose Test, a blood glucose level of 176 mg/dL actually falls into the pre-diabetic range. Pre-diabetes is defined as higher than normal blood sugar and is a sign that your body is on its way to developing diabetes. In either case, you should consult with your physician if you see consistent blood sugar levels of 176 mg/dL or higher.

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