Articles About Parkinson's Disease

  1. Parkinson's Disease: A Guide to Mind and Mood

    Article - A guide to the cognitive and behavioral symptoms common in Parkinson's disease, and how they can be treated.
  2. Parkinson's Disease: How Medicines Can Ease Symptoms

    Article - Here are the options for drug therapy for Parkinson's disease -- and what to expect in terms of benefits and side effects as the illness progresses.
  3. Parkinson's Disease: How to Keep Up With the Latest Research

    Article - Here's how to locate reliable, up-to-date information about Parkinson's disease research and Parkinson's disease websites.
  4. How to Help Someone With Parkinson's Disease Thrive

    Article - When a family member has Parkinson's disease, exercise and other therapies can help her stay active and independent as long as possible.
  5. Recording and Managing Medications for Someone With Parkinson's Disease

    Article - Medication management is the most important part of controlling Parkinson symptoms. Knowing what to expect from these medications can be extremely helpful.
  6. Pointers for Using Parkinson's Medications Effectively

    Article - It is essential that patients and caregivers become knowledgeable about the medications used to treat Parkinson's disease. Medical research has provided numerous medications that used alone, or more often in careful combination, can provide significant relief of Parkinson's Disease symptoms. Intelli...
  7. 10 Early Signs of Parkinson's Disease That Doctors Often Miss

    Article - Medications can slow the course of Parkinson's. Know how to recognize early symptoms of Parkinson's, so you or a loved one can get medical help.
  8. Parkinson's Disease: When to Consider Deep Brain Stimulation

    Article - Brain surgery for Parkinson's disease may be a viable treatment for someone with dyskinesias or other side effects from long-term use of levodopa.
  9. What Is Parkinson's Disease?

    Article - This guide to Parkinson's disease will help you understand a patient's diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment options.
  10. Parkinson's Disease and Speech

    Article - For Parkinson's patients, speech therapy can often help with speaking difficulties that leave them unable to communicate clearly.
  11. What Is Wearing-Off?

    Article - Wearing-off is when Parkinson's symptoms begin to reappear or become noticeably worse before it is time to take the next scheduled dose of medication. As wearing- off becomes more obvious, it may be harder to control the time when levodopa results in a good response ("on" time) and the time when the...
  12. 8 Ways to Help Your Parent Cope With Parkinson's Disease

  13. 10 Signs of Parkinson's Disease

    Article - The early symptoms of Parkinson's disease can be easy to overlook. Know the main signs of Parkinson's, and when to see a doctor if you have concerns.
  14. Benefits of Coffee

    Article - Coffee lovers may worry about how much they're drinking. But recent research indicates many good reasons to reach for a daily cup -- or cups.
  15. Senior Care Thought Leader: Carol O'Dell

    Article - If you're a caregiver supporting a loved one with Parkinson's or Alzheimer's, you should know about writer, blogger, and speaker Carol O'Dell. Find out why.
  16. Lewy Body Dementia and Alzheimer's

    Article - Both Lewy body dementia (LBD) and Alzheimer's cause memory impairment, but there are some important differences. Find out more about LBD.
  17. Best Parkinson's Disease Websites

    Article - When facing a diagnosis of Parkinson's, you need all the information you can get. Discover the 7 best PD sites for family caregivers.
  18. Parkinson's Disease Facts and Statistics

    Article - Discover important facts and figures about Parkinson's disease.
  19. Surgery for Parkinson's Disease

    Article - Neurosurgical procedures are now available and covered by insurers to treat some symptoms of Parkinson's disease that no longer respond well to medication therapy alone.
  20. Dressing Someone With Parkinson's

    Article - Practical tips for dressing and undressing a loved one with Parkinson's disease.
  21. Mobility Aids for Someone With Parkinson's Disease

    Article - Practical tips on how to help your elderly parents with Parkinson's cope when mobility is impaired -- and how to help them get around.
  22. An Effective Team for Managing Parkinson's Disease

    Article - The person in your care and his or her family are a central part of the team.
  23. Non-Alzheimer's Causes of Dementia

    Article - Alzheimer's isn't the only cause of dementia. A basic overview of different kinds of dementia and how they can affect someone.
  24. Choosing a Doctor for Someone With Parkinson's

    Article - Both the APDA and NPF can recommend names of neurologists who specialize in Parkinson's disease. Think about using doctors who are allied with medical schools or movement disorder treatment centers. They tend to have the most up- to-date information and access to clinical trials.
  25. Activity Planning When Caring for Someone With Parkinson's Disease

    Article - Even if they do not have dementia, some people with Parkinson disease may have a lack of interest. They tend to withdraw socially as the disease progresses. Parkinson symptoms that can lead a person to withdraw from normal activities and interaction include--
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