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Shared Living: In-Home Care

Information and support for caregivers who open their own home to someone in need and provide for an individual in the shared living model.

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9 months ago

Are their people who would be willing to live in a clients home ?

9 months ago

leisureal said...

9 months ago

Otter said...

11 months ago

Has anyone tried renting living space to a person who is employed and also can give support to older homeowners part time? How well does this work out - with rate of pay and or partial rent?

Darlena100 said...

12 months ago

I have a younger sister whom was born with a mental disability...I am the only living relative left. I myself am on disability. I am in a relationship with a great man. For the last five years she has moved in and out of my home which always just disrupts my whole household.. She can not live by herself. She is 57 yrs old. not old enough for a nursing home. She was born borderline retardation which all her life it seems she just did not fit anywhere. the friends she thinks she has only use her because she receives her monthly check... they only use her for her money.... I AM TOTALLY LOST AS TO WHAT AND WHERE DO I START TO FIND HER SOMEPLACE CLOSE TO ME???????????????? I AM TOTALLY AT AWE WITH IT ALL....PLEASES HELP !!!!!!!!!