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This group is for caregivers that are paid, either through agencies or privately.

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easyray29 said...

8 days ago

Hello, I have a caregiver through an agency, what I want to know, is there a way for my caregiver to be my spouse even though the state pays for it? My wife works from home and it's easier for her to care for me.

Aekineman said...

18 days ago

I'm a caregiver through an agency and I'm having a hard time here lately. I feel like I'm doing the right thing by allowing my clients to be as independent as they feel comfortable with, but it seems as though the agency I work for and/or the families that can't (or wont) get directly involved with their loved ones care expect us to baby these individuals and wait hand and foot on them. Am I in the wrong for wanting to treat adults like they actually are adults?

4 months ago

I am starting to feel some burn out. I am working two caregiving jobs and going to Nursing school. I just started and am only parttime in school, but i feel overwhelmed. I need both my jobs to make it and not have intense debt from school. These feelings are affecting my work, I find myself feeling irritated and a bit frustrated with the individual I give care to. As well as her son, my boss. Her condition has declined more as of late and giving her care by myself during the day is starting to become more difficult. His behavior seems that he is burnt out too. To the point that he is attempting to place her and I on a somewhat strict schedule. I care for her during the day and about 20 mins before he comes home it is expected that she is toileted and put in her bedroom ready for bed. This is frustrating because anyone who has worked with Alzheimer's/dementia knows that putting time constraints on something like toileting and bed time (especially so early) just frustrates the paitent and the individual giving care. But i understand because he goes to work all day and then comes and cares for his mother. He gets no real breaks. I don't know if we need an additional staff during the week to work a few hours in the evenings or something. I just feel it draining me. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. If anything, thanks for reading. I really just needed to talk about it.

Kayvangale said...

over 1 year ago

I am an RRT, it's been hard to gain advanced degrees I love my grandmom and I am not trying to neglect her

avishanlashgari said...

over 1 year ago

i just need some fination help to get leasure group.

yobuddy said...

almost 2 years ago

My husband has been diagnosed with MDS and eventually hopes to have a bone marrow transplant. During the time that his bone marrow will be re-establishing itself he will be at home for the most part and I will be his caretaker. This is a job I do not fear but know that I will need help to be most able to undertake it. I need to employ someone who can spell me in Portland Oregon and would love suggestions as to where to look. Thank you

almost 2 years ago

I work with developmentally delayed adults. After hours of O.C.D behavior,low IQ conversations and non existent personal hygiene, I"m exhausted. I know it's all about them, but I have no one who understands what I"m going through.

tanyat said...

almost 2 years ago

Denbird said...

over 2 years ago

hi, I am a CNA but I usually do private jobs. my last job lasted 3 years. I have experience in a wide variety of disabilities and populations. I am interested in finding another job in a different area. I have been searching the web and cant seem to find anything. If anyone has any ideas or knows of a private job, I would love to talk to you. Also interested in temp agencies that hire CNAs and send them to different areas to work, I have a niece that did that and ended up in Alaska, she had a wonderful experience. Thanks in advance.

over 2 years ago

I am a professional care giver for 36yrs..i am an LPN. Worked in long term facilitys. Specialized in dementia..willing to do home cases locally now..was home whike parent was recovering..

frickenfrog said...

over 2 years ago

over 3 years ago

I would like to watch TV in my own room without the hassles or cooments of the patien who is the mon, the son and mom are inthe main room watching tv, while the son is drinking beer and eating peanuts, while throwing his smelly socks on the coffee table. any suggestions, how to handle this awkward situation? I need some free time too, without the guilt.

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