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I am in the field of geriatric mental health. Over the past twenty years I have not only worked with individuals, their familes and agencies, but come home to be the caregiver for family members.

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5 months ago

I'm the caregiver for my brother and because if his many illnesses, being on medicaide I'm pd by to care for him My situation is this, I want to move to Florida, I'd be willing to take my brother out of Mo Or Care for him in my home in Florida, but not sure I'll be pd in Florida sir the caregiving he needs. Has anyone had this same or similar situation?

Clever Debi said...

11 months ago

I started a new patient care job today for an 82 year old man. This gentleman is a practicing nudist. I really didn't have much issue except now I feel like I'm being played and I'm very

Ms.Tubman said...

about 1 year ago

I moved back home to help my mother whose health is failing. I have taken over running the house; buying groceries, cooking meals, cleaning the house, washing dishes and doing the laundry. I work a full time job and take an online course as well. My Mother insists that I also pay rent in addition to all I do. I don't fell I should have to since I take care of many duties she can no longer take care of. I feel like she is taking advantage of me. Am I wrong to feel/think this way?

Homecar said...

over 1 year ago

Can home health discontinue services because my Mother is doing to out patient therapy once or twice a week? The at home therapy agency is telling me that Medicare will not continue to pay if Mother leaves the house for out patient therapy.

The mother's condition is as follows: - she is in a wheelchair and needs help getting to her doctor's appointments. It is very difficult to do so, -she has a foley that needs to be changed monthly -her doctor will sign a certification to continue home health

Will Medicare not continue to pay for intermittent care for changing the foley monthly?

nasuta said...

almost 2 years ago

I gave up my career to take care of my father who had alzheimers. He passed in 2010, I now live with my mother, who is 79 and has had shingles since dad passed and depression with a side plate of ADHD with a small ADD issue. Since people that were born before 1945 do not believe in such nonsense as adhd, add or depression (unless your talking about finances), it has been a practice in patience.

Dr Michaela said...

about 5 years ago

In graduate school we learn how to care for others. We learn how to diagnose and treat others. We learn how to talk to family members about delicate topics. We learn how to do education other professionals and agencies when there are updates in our field. What we DO NOT learn is how to seperate our professional lives from our personal lives. We do not learn how to come home after having a difficult day with a problem behavior or the death of a patient to our family member who is exhibiting the same behaviors or who has recently been placed on hospice care.
Sometimes we, as professionals and family members, just need to vent to a neutral third party. Some professionals find a therapist to help them cope and others find their own meaningful way to cope. There are others, and I used to be one, that thought I could do it all and was too proud to ask another therapist or doctor for help. What I learned was that asking for help is not a bad thing. It does not mean that I am not competent in my field. Even therapists need other therapists, just as doctors need other doctors. But for those of you who are not there yet, please use this group to vent, share ideas and not only offer support but also accept the support. It will be worth it in the long run. Good luck on your journey and know there are caring people out there to help you when you stumble.

myrespite said...

almost 3 years ago

9 months ago