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POD "A" (Parents of Disabled Adults)

POD "A" (Parents Of Disabled Adults) forum/online support/shared advocacy network/information exhange for parents of adult children with mental/learning disabilities.

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Shay20050 said...

9 days ago

I am a 60 year old mother of a son with severe acquired brain injury. He lives at home and needs 24/7 care. I work full time from home, and have caregivers during the day. However, I am worn out, emotionally and physically. Still grieving for the son I lost 12 years ago, and wish I would do more to improve his quality of life. He is blind, non-verbal, needs to be fed and changed, and is 'locked in' although he understands everything. Anyone else in this kind of situation, feeling sad, lonely and guilty that you can't make it better?

slolarry said...

17 days ago

Just wondering if there is any group of parents who have pooled with other parents of children on SSI for housing. I could see two or three persons on ssi sharing a house, and sharing expenses.

Sho'nuff said...

26 days ago

I have a son who is 20 and a complete retard. I want him to move out and move on. How can I make this happen.

Melissa_2468 said...

28 days ago

My name is Melissa and I'm a graduate student at Illinois Tech. My advisor, Dr. EJ Lee, and I are running a survey for parents of teenagers and young adults (ages 13-25) with developmental disabilities, intellectual disability, and/or autism spectrum disorder.

The survey is about your experiences as a caregiver. We hope that by learning more about the experiences of families during their child's transition to adulthood that we can help better inform the supports available.

The survey takes 25-45 minutes to complete and twenty $30 gift cards will be raffled off for participants. The survey is open through April 15, 2017. The survey link is:

Thank you in advance for your help! Please email me with any questions ( and feel free to share the survey information with others who may be interested. Thank you!

Best, Melissa

Swtdawn2u said...

2 days ago

WendyChrisInman said...

about 1 month ago

Hello. We have a 22 year old daughter with TBI. She is not "normal" but her disabilities are not visible or debilitating to the point that society classifies her as "disabled". She us struggling to find her place in the world and we are struggling with the right ways to support her. Is anyone else facing similar issues?

Mamabear7 said...

about 1 month ago

I have a son turning 21 who is not making it.i realize now that he was diagnosed emh in school and left at 16.he has no diploma or job and no housing.he can't do everything other young guys can.i guess I thought he he needs my help and I'm looking for resources and information for him.I pray someone replies with their knowledge and experience!

about 1 month ago

Ozwinkie said...

about 1 month ago

I am a sixty four year old mom to a forty one year old son who has hydrocephalus and many other disabilities. My husband left 11 years ago and does not provide any financial or emotional support even though he lives in the same town as us. My son still lives at home. I am beginning to consider transitioning him to residential care but he doesn't want to move so it would be a situation I force. I am having much guilt even though everyone is telling me it is time to make the transition. I am looking for advice f I'm others who have been where I am. I do have legal guardianship. Thanks.

about 1 month ago

Sunshine75 said...

3 days ago said...

3 months ago

Im the mother of a 21yr old girl who is currently living at home but she is transitioning into supported living moving in a house with another disabled woman the problem is the care agency and my daughter's social worker . Seem to be shutting me out of my daughter's life saying I will have to make appointment to visit her they do not want my opinion on anything and went so far as to ask me to wait upstairs while 7 other peaple had a meeting with my daughter I was told im a negative person who makes peaple anxious this is all after they treated us like crap for months they are now rushing my daughter to move in but I know by the way they are treating me now is onl a taste of the future I feel trapped as im disabled myself so needed help with my daughter's care not somone else to take over and stone wall me out of her life I don't know what to do I cant bear not to be involved in my daughter's life please help with any advice for my situation .

jolienann said...

25 days ago

Janmea said...

21 days ago

3 months ago

I am a single parent of an adult son (24 years old) with Cerebral Palsy. His disability is limited to a physical one, but his care is consuming. My ex-husband provides no support in any way. I have not had a vacation in years. I am unable to work outside of his care. I struggle with guilt for feeling trapped, but would never consider placing him in another care situation. My community has no support groups for someone like me. I find myself very lonely and afraid I will be alone the rest of my life. Looking for advice in how to balance life better, so I am not consumed with loneliness and guilt.

3 months ago

3 months ago

3 months ago

Soo very upset received a bill from a dentist for my son, who is blind with neuro vascular disease for 3,950.00 $150.00 of it is for behavior Mangmbt, my son was good as gold at last appt. is it legal to future bill someone in anticipation of a meltdown or behavior

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