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POD "A" (Parents Of Disabled Adults) forum/online support/shared advocacy network/information exhange for parents of adult children with mental/learning disabilities.

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11 days ago

My 26 year old brother has moved in with my family for the past 18 months. He's highly functional autistic and borderline iq but his behavior is getting out of hand. Sometimes I just break down and cry and feel bad that my 3 children have to put up with it. I'm exploring trying medications but am very hesitant since he never has taken anything. His aggression and mood swings if he doesn't get what he wants is more than I can handle. He's been starting to harm himself just to get the frustration out. Anyone have any luck with any meds? After finally getting him into a day program, sometimes I just want to quit and send him back to my parents out of country, but I know there is no resources or help there. Please help

11 days ago

Momcares said...

11 days ago

Joybell1718 said...

20 days ago

My husband and I provide care for adult son through Medicaid waiver services and are considered tax exempt under difficulty to care 2014-7. My question is since its tax exempt how do we get medical coverage for us since we don't meet guidelines for the affordable care act. Is it also exempt for claimable income to qualify for Medicaid for us as caregivers. We are under the adult foster care program?

Caringmom97 said...

25 days ago

Today I went to my 6 yr olds class room to assist in school pictures since she was crying and she acted like I was a stranger. Hurt my feelings after I've sacrificed everything and gave up my life to devote to her. I'm so extremely hurt, so confused why she treated me like that. I'm to the point where I'm exploring long term facilities for her.

LeeDad said...

28 days ago

We have a 21 year old daughter with Intellectual Disabilities and autism. She has the intellectual abilities and emotional maturity of someone that is 10-12 years old. She has a boyfriend who also has disabilities. Their relationship is extremely unhealthy. They both try to control each other, argue constantly, and trigger public meltdowns in each other. His family encourages the relationship but we want it to end. My daughter seems addicted to the relationship and threatens to move in with him when we try to intervene. My wife and I don't know what to do. She is high enough functioning that she could legally ignore us but low enough functioning that she would have a very difficult time living on her own. His family seems to be encouraging her to move in with them in order to get her SSI money like they did with their own son.

AmandaH said...

about 1 month ago

We took on my stepdaughter who is 20 full time about a year ago . She is mentally between 6 -8, she throws fit and has bathroom accidents all which with all seem to be getting better with routine. The hardest part is there are no support groups and she doesn't LOOK like she has a disability . She is in horse back riding therapy but the parents don't socialize.

ladybirds said...

about 1 month ago

Hi just seen if they some parents in Mandurah areas with disabled adult

about 1 month ago

Hi. I am a single parent of a 22 year old daughter who has fetal alcohol syndrome. She's adopted, was placed in my home at 3 months. My daughter is doing great - we were finally approved for waiver services a couple of months ago. She is in the process of finding supported employment. She has a great boyfriend who might have a mild disability - I can't tell. He doesn't have a low IQ but seems a little set in his ways and not able to take social cues. She now spends 4 nights a week at his house. I am very grateful and happy for her to have someone. She grew very lonely after about 4th grade and had trouble finding friends. Now she sees every movie she wants to see and has companionship. He's a hard worker, very respectful and mature and has a car and job. This is the first time she's had a friend with a car and independence and her life has really opened up and she's much more independent. So right now life is good. When she gets a part time job life will be better. She had a good education including transitional services - she did Project Search and has had a lot of different job experiences. I'm 60 and not in great health. I am getting ready to retire and am constantly worried about the future. I find it difficult to find the most basic information. I've had a good career and I think everything will be okay but I feel like I have to make some decisions that might impact her for many years. Anybody have knowledge about SSI and SSDI? I think she will go from SSI to SSDI when I start collecting. I heard that being an empty nester is harder when you're single and even harder if your child has disability. I'm so relieved to get some things squared away and want her to be independent but it is hard. Would love to talk. Thanks

Cbnew said...

about 1 month ago

Looking for other parents or group for support , my daughter is a higher function cognitive disabled 18 whose sexuality is out of control and I have no idea what to do ! Please can someone direct me ? Right now we have her almost confined to house etc

lovemygirl said...

about 1 month ago

ReneaPippin said...

2 months ago

I am a mom of a beautiful 20 year daughter. We live in a small town in Alabama. We are having such a hard time with Personal Care workers.
I actually had it out with my daughter's today. My daughter has seizures and sometimes doesn't need the service. However, I don't want to lose the service our she will go back on the State's waiting list.


2 months ago

I am a mother to a 26 year old daughter named Jessica. Jessica was deprived of oxygen at birth. This resulted in severe brain damage, epilepsy and cerebral palsy. Jessica requires round the clock care. Her immune system is very compromised and she is frequently hospitalized. Jessica is my sunshine and my hero. She makes me appreciate each and every day I have with her. I'm hoping to connect with someone who has similar circumstances. Someone who understands the struggles I go through. And the struggles that Jessica goes through. My name is Lisa.

Momcares said...

12 days ago

Cheris4 said...

8 days ago

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