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6 days ago

21 days ago

My Father in-law is blind and also fell and broke his neck. The Hospital sent him to a nursing home in October and Medicare has now stopped paying due to "no longer needing medical attention." The insurance company states that the nursing home provided physical therapy, and he is not progressing, and does not need professional care. His wife is 83 years old, and is unable to provide care. We are contesting the insurance company's decision. What is our next step??

whooty333 said...

about 1 month ago

I have a question about my father's estate, a legal question, how can I ask a question on here?

4 months ago

looking for a Church to intend, and low cost afforible unassited living in Dallas,Tx

Slangs said...

5 months ago

I am in the process of applying for Medicaid for my father, for whom I hold Power of Attorney, and trying to get a handle on his finances (he is no longer able to do so himself due to Alzheimer's). There is a bank account belonging to the estate of his sister, who died 10 years ago. My father was POA for her and the sole beneficiary in her will. I sent the bank my POA forms for him, and they told me that because the account is listed as belonging to her estate, I will have to get the POA that he held for her transferred to me via a local court in order to access it or receive any information. Does this make any sense? I was under the impression POAs were no longer valid once a person is deceased. Thanks so much for any insights.

about 1 month ago

marythegreat said...

6 months ago

Do you know of any agency that will pay me for full time caring for my mother

marythegreat said...

6 months ago

6 months ago

Omg! I am freaking out. We are on our way across country to fetch my 95 year old grandmother, because my aunt suddenly passed away. My grandmother has nothing, she just gets $800 for social sec.

We just filed bankruptcy, we have to find a new home to rent because our current home is all upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms. The downstairs isn't really safe either, for her. Lots of steps up and down. What if no one will rent to us? We have been perfect in our current rental for 7 years, a new rental will cost too much!

My husband and I both work all day the kids are both in high school all day. She is in good health, but we couldn't leave her all alone living on the east coast when we are her only family left and we live in California! My husband and I only earn about $70k combined, which barely pays for us to live!

She also had Medicaid but we have to reapply for her in California and won't they say she won't qualify because of our income?

Hopelessly confused, lost, and too young to handle this....

6 months ago

Taking care of Grandma - 95 years old

9 months ago

My grandmother is in a nursing home in Florida. We are considering moving her back to her old home which her adult children own. Will her social security checks be available to use for her care or will they be taken to pay back Medicaid for the past Nursing home bills?

over 1 year ago

My mother in law struggles with finances. She is 60 yrs old and still is working and struggling. My deceased father in law was a Vietnam Vet (died Oct 2014) and drew 100% VA benefits ($3000 a month) They were divorced about 10 yrs prior to him passing. Is she eligible for some of his VA benefits. She was married to him for many years.

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