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People who take care of a parent or loved one, and has no time, to meet people, maybe chat, become friends,just listen, and let someone else listen. to you. For people who feel the same way you do.

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Kayvangale said...

6 months ago

I could use a friend I am a good friend let's chat and lean on one another

venus said...

3 months ago

cs94553 said...

7 months ago

I have been taking care of my mother, for 9 years, in those 9 years I have only had 4 days off, Every time I think about taking some time for myself, I feel guilty. I don't want people to feel sorry for me, I would just like to chat with and meet people going through the same things as I am. Maybe someone might have a suggestion ?? or maybe just would like chat.I have one friend, in the mobile home park where I live, we have spoke of starting some kind of website (free) or a .com something like, lonely or maybe Caring Childern of Seniors .com Does any one have any suggestions?? to help us all??

Kayvangale said...

6 months ago

about 1 month ago