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This online support group discuss ways to get help, control pain/symptoms, how to function on bad day, and have a better quality of life.

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Mom2cdlw said...

5 months ago

This is unbearable. I am a caregiver to my disabled mother and my disabled 1 year old son. I deal with chronic pain and fatigue (as we all do with Fibromyalgia) and my mother'said demand are getting to be too much. Please help

Lynn stevens said...

7 months ago

I need some help desperately, what little family I have, works constantly and even pushed thru knee pain, yet no one understands my pain, I'm trying to take care of myself and my 84 year old father.he does better than I do physically most of the time. I'm retired, I'm 60 and had a very rough time making it to work and had to go to bed afterwards to get ready for the effort for the next day . I feel selfish, lazy, depressed , ashamed and embarrassed . I have no one to talk to. I moved from where I worked for 35 years , across the opposite side of the states to be close to my sister and establish a relationship with her, and my father to be near her. I'm broke and owe medical bills because my insurance is not going thru correctly. The med bills hv nothing to do with my fib to but sure adds stress. I need someone to tell me I'm not worthless.

Macmommyof3 said...

8 months ago

My husband has Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. He was diagnosed a little more than 9 years ago, and it is becoming more and more difficult for him to work. When he does, he spends the whole weekend in bed trying to recover. This has been extremely difficult on myself and my three children. I have taken on the role of both mom and dad and I myself sometimes spend the weekend taking a nap due to fatigue. What have some of those who have spouses done to deal with this struggle?

ArtB said...

9 months ago

I am the "well" spouse in a marriage where my wife has fibromyalgia, and many of the other complications that frequently accompany it (depression, IBS, and so on). Does any one know of a support group, online or in person, for the spouse who is the caregiver? I live in Minneapolis Minnesota. Thanks everyone.

9 months ago

MelindaP said...

9 months ago

Fibrowifesa said...

11 months ago

I am a wife of a fibromyalgia sufferer. I have read all the information i can get my hands on. And personally suffer from migraines, so i do understand pain and what it can do to a person. My husband doesnt work at the moment. I have a full time job. We recently moved and i had to pack up the house and unpack the house mostly by myself. I do alot to try make things easier for him. My problem is... when he has to do something he is not fond of... he blames his fibro and is so sore and can only stand for 10mins at a time. But when it is something he enjoys... he can spend hours fishing, or working on his pc or playing games. I get home after work and cook, clean, do the washing, tidy up after him. He is home ALL day. He normally only goes to sleep at 2am, but only wakes up at abt 11am. Its not like he is bed ridden. He chooses not to help around the house. Even if he washed a few dishes, i would be grateful. How do i get him to understand that i know he isnt well, but if has enough energy to do the fun stuff... he can spare some for the not so fun stuff?

9 months ago

Kais30 said...

over 1 year ago

I am 26 and have fibro along with scoliosis., arthtris, chronic back and neck pain, pinched nerves, etc...... Three years of pain and nothing works, therapy massage chiropractor, e stim, medicines, injections, psychotherapy, U name it I've tried it..:.:. I guess now I just want to know other people have the sa,e thing. Foggy thinking and exhaustion consume me, as w.l as just depression, Lost my dad six months ago. He was my strength and rock of my life. So, having a rough time.

suzgroup said...

over 1 year ago

Hora said...

over 1 year ago

Who care and support who suffer a bad pain 24-7? It a own and no one care like my own children who real don't know what a father 66 and disable suffer. I start not believe nothing more in USA.

Victoria56 said...

almost 2 years ago

The death of my daughter(who was almost 41) seems to have brought on a full fledged Fibro flareup. How do I cope with both? I am so very lost and in a lot of pain all the time now. Sometimes I feel like I would have been better off dying with my daughter.... I know there is help out there but WHERE. No-one seems to understand what I am going through.... Can someone please help me?

cymand said...

almost 2 years ago

lovealways1 said...

almost 2 years ago

Hi. I'm 22 and my girlfriend of 2 years is 24 and has fibromyalgia and crohns disease. I'm trying to be positive and supportive but things are really hard. She is still in school but doesn't even have energy to do normal day to day tasks and I'm about to leave for the summer. Does anyone have any suggestions on ways to make it easier for her while I'm gone and just advice in general?

MelindaP said...

10 months ago

mlabby007 said...

almost 2 years ago

Hi I,am under a lot of stress as I am taking care of my niece who has Pancreatic Caner, my older sister who has made very bad money decision after the death of her husband 2 1/2 yrs ago. Also so helping my brother in law over Facebook messenger to pay bills, do business affairs..he and family are in Jamacia teaching at the University ... Not good pay but all his wife with a Doctorate degree could find... I have had Fibromyaigia for over ten years. My problem is my Thyroid is totally out of control... I have the dose changed 4 times in the last year. Gone from a size 12 to a 6 and they are getting lose. So my Dr has removed all my Fibro meds... I am in so much pain, I just want to sit and cry ( we all have been there). I will talk to him tomorrow ( Monday). What is new out there for pain? I have been hurting and need to get this taken care of. He is so focused on the thyroid, I think he has forgotten The Fibro. It has been hard for me to get back on top of all the new changes.. Plz anything would help. I want to get ready for our talk and ask for help. Margaret E.

almost 2 years ago

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