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almost 5 years ago
Emily M. said...

Hi caregiver #1­,

Thanks for your post. Here are a few links to articles we have on the subject of being paid to be a caregiver:




Thanks for your question! --Emily

almost 5 years ago
teresa lynn said...

i live in bc canada and my partner has ms im not working as he needs help with everyday things is there any way i can get paid to stay at home as a caregiver ????or is there any finacial help out there for me thank you

almost 5 years ago
Emily M. said...

Hi teresa lynn,

Thank you very much for your question. Unfortunately, Caring.com is a US based site and because of this our resources about getting paid to be a caregiver are US based. We're hopeful another member will have information that will be helpful to you.

Take care, and good luck!

Emily | Community Manager

almost 4 years ago
Chefzone said...

There is a site for British Columbian's to join to find out about supports and give advice when possible. It's a big issue. Find it at; http://www.facebook.com/groups/388185841196134/

almost 4 years ago
lois_445 said...

why is this 11 months ago???

almost 4 years ago
CaringDenise said...

Lois, This particular conversation was started a year ago in the former discussion forums. Like, "Caring for a Spouse with Dementia," we moved it to this new support group format. The discussion and people you're looking for are here: https://www.caring.com/support-groups/caring-for-a-spouse/d9479723?page=182 For future reference, you can get to it quickly via your subscriptions page: https://www.caring.com/account/subscriptions (see "Support Group Conversations You're Watching" and click "Caring for a Spouse: Caring for a spouse with dementia My husband of 47 years has..." link). Once you get to that discussion, you'll see page numbers at the bottom of the screen -- click on the last one to get to the most recent comments. Thanks!

about 1 year ago
line dance mom said...

I live in Missouri and I live with my mother, she is having alot of dizzy spells, and has had a MRI, not sure of the results yet except she does have to go see a neurologist. I was wondering if I live with her can I get paid to be a full time care giver since she has days where she can barely walk up and down the stairs. And who would I contact to find this information out.