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Caring for a Spouse with Mental Illness

Mental Illness is different than cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes, or other conditions that society accepts as organic and 'real'. Have you chosen to stay with your spouse or care for someone who suffers from a mental illness? This groups is here to support you.

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Panda G said...

about 23 hours ago

I have a spouse who suffers from PTSD and other health issues. Their are times I just want to leave and run away. When he's good it's amazing but those are rare days. I feel I'm damed not matter what I do ? I love him so much but there are days I just want to run not look bad. But that's not realistic since we have 2 kids. He freaks out I leave for couple days and come back or he leaves and we come back to one another. I always plan an escape but it's just a plan. I just can't get myself to really leave. I know he needs me and if we leave I just helped dig the hole deeper. I can't live with myself if he should ever do such thing. I pray ,I cry, I hope just go Day by day. I work my mind is at home what's he doing ? Am I going to find him ? Will the kids find him. Yet I have to put up a front all is well and keep my A Game. And with all that still deal with our daughter health as well the stress is real and it's never ending. I just hope he gets his help and we can be kinda simi normal again

4 days ago

I have a spouse with schizophrenia and it has made them very emotionless. He refused to take the medication when he was first diagnosed so now it has progressed to the point that it's getting worse. Is poor hygiene a part of this.

5 days ago

I am so frustrated and am beginning to wonder if this will ever get better. My husband hasn't been the same since separating from the military four years ago. He has severe depression and PTSD that are incredibly traumatic for both of us. Bad days are REALLY bad and it takes a long time for both of us to recover. Yesterday, he tells me that since deployment he has been struggling with PORN ADDICTION. I didn't even know what to say. He was hysterical and said he wants to give up. I keep my frustration inside and he only gets my complete, calm support. But on the side I am just screaming. I am so tired of this!!! We get maybe one or two days of happiness a week and I am ALWAYS tiptoeing. I can't relax. He goes to therapy once a week and is starting on an anti-depressant for the millionth time (He always takes them for a week and quits). I am so angry and so alone. Can anyone relate?

6 days ago

My son is bipolar he is in his 30's and is on his second wife, we have the best therapist and we pay for everything. He is destroying our family, he is happy for a little while but he feeds off of drama. We have grandkids involved so we cant just turn our backs on him but I do not understand bipolar. I understand they have good days and bad days but he is a liar, he likes to stir up trouble. Its never his fault , its' always someone else's. I keep thinking they have misdiagnosed him , we pay for all the medicine and therapist help but the therapist has never asked to talk to us . You would think they would like to know what really happens and not the lies he tells them . We have tried everything , can someone explain bipolar to me? The lying, the anger, the I am so happy I cant stand it mood, its' always someone elses fault. Honestly , he is just pure mean .

12 days ago

My wife has conversion disorder related to PTSD from extreme childhood trauma. This has been a long long haul and it will NEVER be over I'm afraid!!!

sad1sad2 said...

9 days ago

2 days ago

22 days ago

I suspect my husband has untreated depression and has for quite some time. He goes through periods of time where he says he thinks about what life would be like if he weren't here. He says he would never act on these thoughts, but in my profession I have been trained to take any suicide talk as a serious threat, and besides that, I care deeply for him and it hurts me that he is feeling that way. I've tried to encourage him to get help, but he will not. It seems like whatever I say is not helpful to him, and I feel that he needs more/different help than I can give him. What can I do to encourage him to seek help?

JTod said...

11 days ago

burntout76 said...

23 days ago

Im burnt out and sad. I want my old life back, im sure my husband wants his back to but this is horrible. Im not sure how much more I can handle. We have 3 kids and I do EVERYTHING, im tired!! I want to live my life and I cant. This has been going on for almost a year and nothing is working for him, back to the doctor tomorrow for another med change.

JTod said...

11 days ago

23 days ago

My girlfriend has Bipolar 2....I love her but some days I just want a "normal" relationship....:(

burntout76 said...

23 days ago

24 days ago

my husband is mentally ill, and thinks he is regressing ,and wants to be treated like a baby. what do i do?

25 days ago

My dad recently attempted suicide and spent ten days in rehab as a result. He came home and then had a mental breakdown at our family doctors office resulting in being placed back in psychiatric rehab again. All of these behaviors are extremely out of character for him. At this point we are not sure that he will be able to work again. My sister and I are through college and financially independent, but my parents rely on both incomes to get by (and my dad's become obsessed with money trouble). Any advice or support on how to help my mother remain financially stable, even if you could help point us in the right direction. As well as helping all of us try to cope with these sudden drastic life changes within my family.

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