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Caring For a Blind Spouse or loved one

This group is to give caregivers of blind loved ones a means to share their fears, while receiving tips from other users on ways to cope with caring for the blind while taking care of themselves.

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Sharrhan said...

5 days ago

My spouse and I have been together happily for almost 30 years. He has Usher's Syndrome (I call it 'the Helen Keller disease'). So he's 100% blind and quite badly hearing impaired, with hearing that's gotten noticeably worse in the last year. He naturally doesn't want to socialize much, because in public he can't hear people (1-on-1 he's great). I am a musician and a very social person. I'm feeling sad and isolated. haven't had a party since about 2013, and stopped trying to participate in music gigs with my many music friends, because my partner INSISTS on going everywhere with me, 24/7. (Yes, even to the laundry room in our building and to the store, always.) The only time I'm alone is in the shower, and I feel my life is passing me by. Tonight I'm supposed to be doing a gig with friends -- I was invited, and I know they miss me -- but I passed it up because he had a big hearing test today and I know he's tired and it was very stressful. Yes, I'm feeling sorry for myself. I love him to bits, but I need to somehow carve out some small space for myself to be a musician and a social being again. IDEAS??

guide and mom said...

27 days ago

Do any of you have a newly blind spouse and also have young children at home? If so, I'd love to talk to you. I am feeling really burned out! He is trying to do the best he can, but I feel like I now am a single parent to 3 children, when before we both worked together to care for the kids and home. Help!

Tulqueen said...

6 days ago

Debsjnk said...

2 months ago

RANT ALERT: I feel bad & I dont feel bad! I am tired & frustrated! My husband of almost 30 years has had complete vision loss in his left eye since 2006, due to diabetic retinopathy. Since January of tjis year he lost vision right eye after a surgery to help repair damage to that eye. He has just plain given up. He sits around the house listens to TV & waits for people to wait on him, for everything from turning on shower occasional, fixing his food, doing laundry, & cleaning up after him when he has repeated bathroom accidents :-( He sometimes says "thank you" but almost feels like an after thought. I insisted he get a white cane after he was almost by a car because he wandered into the street... (he drifts left without his cane & drifts which ever direction he is holding his cane. He refuses to get training & he is unable to navigate the house weve been in for almost 30yrs I am tired & angry, its like he's waiting to get "better" & leaving me to pick up the slack for everything! Suggestions??? Im at the end of my rope & the knot is slipping!

Nicolettecamp said...

4 months ago

My husband has been blind for about 15 years now. He is a very healthy 73 year old so full of life. He is smart and an avid reader (he has a reader that scans and reads to him). Our problem is although people are friendly enough they avoid us. Otherwise. We are never included in social outings or invited to anything. I am so frustrated and not sure what to do?

Charay said...

6 months ago

Hi. I just feel tired and angry. I have been caring for my father for 12 years. He is blind. I am 47 years old. Never married and without children. I should have left years ago. He is 81 rude and ungrateful I cursed him out today. I am so sick of this!

Moniluv94 said...

6 months ago

OK I'm not sure what to do my boyfriend is so demanding of me all the time and doesn't ask anymore. He yells at me and says he'll throw the food at me of not cooked properly. I'm just fed up and yelling back at him. I haven't loved him for awhile I just kept him around for the kids. Now its because he's been blind for 6-9 no and I feel bad but I can't take this anymore. I'm beyond fed up and want to know what can I do to get home out of my house. He can't live on his own he can't do anything but go to the bathroom by himself.

6 months ago

9 months ago

I have been a caregiver for my husband since he lost his vision in 2006. While, we have a great relationship, sometimes I find myself getting frustrated over little things he needs me to assist him with. I think I am experiencing caregiver burn out, but I do not want to express this to my husband because I do not want him to feel like he is the source of my stress. Any suggestions from other caregivers of a blind loved one?

Nicolettecamp said...

4 months ago

Oast said...

4 months ago