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Caregiving Wives of Stroke Survivors

This group is created to provide a place to encourage, give or ask for advice, or just vent to other wives who are full time caregivers to their husbands who are disabled by massive strokes.

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Mntdreamer said...

8 days ago

I am so lonely. My soulmate of 42 years had a massive stroke on July 2 . He is 60 years old. He lost his speech, has a feeding tube because he swallow. Right side is totally disable. He was on a ventalotor for 3 weeks. In August of last year, he had a stroke on the left side. He regained the use of his left side and returned to work by December. He has been in five facilities since July. He is now in a skilled nursing unit at a nursing home. Today the director called me in to say he would probably not regain his speech and probably have the feeding for the rest of his life. He also, he wa not sure that he was losing his determination to get better or if all then emotions have been due to the part of the brain controls crying, depression, anger, and the ability to stay on task. We have never been apart except when we had children. He had non-hodgkins lymphoma in 2002. How much more can his body take? They fear because he can't swallow he could aspirate and get pneumonia. He tells me "his not a man anymore" I am sorry, Why?, and the fear I won't want him anymore. We both cried for what we had, what we have lost, and fear the fear of the future. I want him to come home and the goal was on a walker. Today, they told me the PT, OT, and speech therapy would be come to our home to make coming home safe. We have steps and will need ramps, wheelchair access to the bathroom. My mind is on overload, I cry because I miss him, and I fear I would be able to care for him when he finally comes home. HELP with ideas, expectations for the future. I had a left arm replacement, two neck surgeries, and last year back surgery, I fear I won't be strong enough to keep from hurting him or me.

hzjewl said...

7 days ago

Wife43 said...

28 days ago

My husband had a stroke caused by a motorcycle accident. Along with the stroke he broke the back pelvis and crushed the front pelvis. We feel very blessed with the improvements he has made. His injuries could have been SO much worse. However, he is unable to work. There are things that are hard for him to do. He is on disability.. He worked very hard to rehabilitate after the accident. Now, he feels he won't get better (some things may not improve) . The reality of his situation has really hit him hard. He tries to deal with being in pain every day but won't take pain meds. He is, unable to work, no longer able to do simple activities like gardening without more pain. So, I am patiently trying to let him figure out what he can and can't do. While trying to encourage him and provide some mental stimulation. It is hard to watch him withdraw from life, not read, not exercise and go no where. I keep reminding myself these are his choices to make. He talks to our daughter , a registered nurse. We are concerned but don't know what else we can do for him.

Susan W B said...

about 1 month ago

My husband suffered a stroke in February. He has been in a nursing facility since April. He has lost his right side and the ability to speak clearly. I am considering bringing him home, but am afraid that if I do and I can't handle this on my own I will have no where to turn. (He was turned down by 10 different facilities in the Atlanta area after his stroke and he ended up in a facility an hour and a half away.) I would like to bring him home for the holidays to see how things go before committing. Is that wrong?

about 1 month ago

myrlgurl said...

20 days ago

Greengables said...

about 1 month ago

Sometimes I feel smothered by my husband who had a stroke. I understand his fear, his frustration, his sadness in losing everything in his life, his depression but I feel so stuck and sometimes resent the fact that I just don't want to give anymore, am tired of being a caregiver and then I feel guilty when I feel that way. He was so emotionally abusive before the stroke and now the irony of all of it that I have to take care of him. I don't want anything bad for him, I really try hard to make sure he has everything he needs, that his medical needs are met, to get him out among people, etc. but I don't sleep well and at times I just want to run away.

about 1 month ago

My Grandpa has had several strokes over the past few years. The family had to move him into a home recently because of his violence and new found hatred it seems for my Grandma. Not many people witness the way he verbally abuses her so she feels like everyone is on his "side" (counselors, doctors, and other residents).

He calls my Grandmother begging for her to take him home and asking what he did to deserve this. It breaks my Grandma's heart to hear that but when she does go to see him, he is nasty and calls her the worst names. Everyday, she leaves crying and he just isn't able to understand. Anyway, I just wish I could help in some way when she calls me crying. I honestly believe the counseling is making things worse. I know she is extremely upset because she doesn't call as often as she used to and I think it's because she doesn't want me to hear her cry .

Does anyone have any advice on how I can help comfort my Grandma when distance doesn't exactly make it easy to be there as much as I'd like to?

As the caregivers yourselves, what are some of the things you would appreciate or help you cope?

Havico said...

about 1 month ago

Dee1951 said...

2 months ago

My husband has had several ischemic strokes and 1 hemoragic stroke a year and a half ago. He was never paralyzed, but suffers from bowel & bladder incontinence, slurred speech, mildly impaired mentally and can only walk with a walker very very very slowly. I have no help except occassionally a sitter when I have to be gone more than an hour or 2, but I cannot afford that very often. Lately my lack of freedom has been getting the best of me. All I've wanted to do is cry for the last few days. I don't want to unload on any of my friends because I feel like they just don't want to hear it. I feel so very alone and hopeless. My situation is a little more complicated than usual in that I don't love my husband. You see I'm a victim of emotional abuse which killed that love over 30 years ago. I'm wondering if someone else has a similar problem.

donnadeedee said...

4 days ago

Mrs 4- syth said...

3 months ago

My hubby had a stroke on May 3 2016....he is paralyzed on the left side mostly his arm....I also have many health issues and just had carpal tunnel and elbow surgery I March so this is all so over whelming...I am also bipolar so I don't do well with all the contact with people....I am so lost and alone

Poppy Fields said...

3 months ago

My had a masive stroke 2 yrs ago. His recovery is remarkable, having been cpmpletely paralyzed on the left side, unable to swallow or speak. Walks now with cane, still regaining fontoonality of left hand and arm, soeech intelligibke (barely) after much rehab. We are in our mid-60's and I hate oir lives noe. He has teturned to work which is great, and we spend very liittle rewarding time together. No dort of intimacy or engaging conversation He is completely self absorbed. He spends all his free time on Facebook and fancies himself an author. I am feeling completely trapped with him, and I have to try hard to hide the contempt I feel toward him sometimes. I do not know how to reach him anymore

Darls said...

3 months ago

RLCarter said...

3 months ago

My Husband has had two strokes and two heart attacks. After each one he has had Rehab and home health care. My concern is, he stops doing his walks and exercises as soon as the rehab is over. All he does is sit in his chair day end and day out. I am very disappoint in him for not keeping up his exercises. Signed, Ronda

Palmadita said...

4 months ago

I am just overwhelmed by his deficits and my requirement to acknowledge them and try to be supportive, while developing a deep hostility towards him!

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