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Caregivers for Lung Transplant Recipients

This is a group to support caregivers of those who have had a lung transplant.

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5 days ago

My husband is 72.5 yrs old. He is going through a transplant evaluation now. When I read all of the post, I get scared for him and myself. I have not agreed to be the second caregiver yet because of all of this. I spoke to the MD about medical management vs survival and quality of life post transplant. Same outcome, but as I read all of the postings there are more problems involved. How can I agree to do this when quality of life is a real issue? He is already depressed and not engaged.

Snow Angel said...

4 months ago

My husband received a double lung transplant in 2015. His lungs are working very well and we have not really had any issues with that, but his mental state is not the same. We have 7 children and he has always worked to support us. I am now the sole bread winner and he receives little from CPP-D and AISH. He has had a lot of problems with his short term memory. His motivation is completely lacking and he seems to not care anymore. I am to the point where I want to run away. Our marriage is strained, I sleep in a separate bed room. He had his third heart attack in January of 2016, a year after his transplant. I feel anger and bitterness towards him as he does not participate in life. He does not talk either so I never know what he is thinking. It's worse than being alone. When he does talk he does not talk about anything that would help lighten my concerns. So now I do my own thing and things have become very strained at least from my point. I find myself getting irradiated with him over the slightest things. There are so many things he would be capable of doing to help me but he does the very minimal. It is to the point where I don't even want to be in the same room with him. Don't get me wrong, I do love my husband but I guess the husband he used to be. This transplant has changed both of us drastically and I'm not sure that we can recover. Has anyone else had this type of experience? Now with his heart condition on top of everything my days pass in constant fear of finding him after a massive heart attack.. Please tell me others have been in the same place and there is hope of it getting better.

Ladybug9 said...

3 months ago

LouR said...

2 months ago

mymtnpeace said...

about 1 year ago

My husband will be having a double lung transplant soon. We will be relocating in the next few months and it is getting scary. I am just looking for more information about what kinds of things to expect.

Mcodina said...

over 1 year ago

First time on this site. My boyfriend had a double lung transplant 2 1/2 years ago from Cystic Fibrosis and it's been hard in and out of the hospital so much so that they could charge rent. The surgery and first few months were great but his quality of life has gone down so much. Constant battles with doctors, pain meds due to being a recovering addict,several years clean, I'm exhausted and don't know what to do. It's debilitating being a caregiver when nothing seems to work and I feel guilty for fantasies about having a normal life that doesn't revolve around hospitals. I love my boyfriend he has changed my world for the better but there are things I want in my life that he can't give me. Don't know what to do. Feeling very lost and alone. He is an amazing man who inspires me everyday but I cry and scream in my car over how unfair it is when I leave the hospital. His illness feels like the "other woman" in our lives that you just can't get away from. I find myself thinking what sort of person leaves their love when the chips are down? I would love any advice on how to either be stronger for him or how to cope with the voices on my head .

tracjo88 said...

over 1 year ago

stephenson said...

about 2 years ago

My husband had a left lung transplant in August 2014. He had many complications as well as he coded on the table during the transplant for 15 minutes. It has now been 7 months post transplant and he still has no energy. I also have noticed his processing skills are slow. Sometimes he misinterprets what I say or just doesn't understand. My question is, are these types of things normal post transplant.

gethealthy2 said...

almost 2 years ago

gethealthy2 said...

almost 3 years ago

My husband had a lung transplant February, 2010. He has done well, overall, until May of this year (2014) when he was diagnosed with invasive squamous cell carcinoma. It had invaded the seventh cranial nerve, which is the facial nerve, and a lymph node in the neck. Due to the meds he is on, it was extremely fast growing. The facial tumor was removed, but not the lymph node tumor, and radiation was started.

He began to lose his appetite. Some weeks after the end of radiation on May 30th, his appetite slowly began to increase, but two or three weeks ago, it decreased again and now if he can get down a can of supplemental nutrition in a day, he is doing good. He has lost about 35 pounds.

He has gotten extremely weak and tired, of course. He will do nothing for himself except go to the bathroom, at this point.

We are going to Stanford Monday, for an evaluation. I think they will put in a stomach tube if he will agree to it.

I am a strong person, but I'm nearing the end of my rope. Just need support from people who understand this. Thanks in advance and I hope this will help others too.

RosaR said...

almost 3 years ago

frickenfrog said...

over 2 years ago