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Care Angels -- Post Spinal Cord Surgery

We are caring for loved ones who have had spinal cord surgeries, who were once active, but now are in wheelchairs or mobility scooters due to the surgery.

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over 1 year ago

I take care of my 26-year-old fiancé who is a quadriplegic due to a semi rollover. He was in the hospital for 1 year and 3 days and has now been home for a little over a month. He is a full care can't really do anything for himself, but since he's been home he has refused his medication and the majority of his most important cares that need to be done. He's totally coherent and able to make his decisions. My question is what can I do? He's hard headed and I'm at the end of my ropes with this.

Miss somebody said...

about 1 year ago

Snicki926 said...

about 1 year ago

Ms. Curtis said...

over 1 year ago

We are 90 days out. My husband has a spinal cord injury and is doing very well. Praising the Lord for his Goodness to us. But I am still feeling sad and very anxious. I would like to know how to cope with all the changes.

over 1 year ago

I have alot to vent about my husband whom i have been married to going on 31 yrs. I married him already a quadraplegic and we have a happy life. My biggest fight for my husband is his own right to live and his quaility of life. Since not all quadraplegics the same my husband from time to time hasta go on ventilator. And i have actually been told at our local hospital how cruel i was by suffering him on such. But this is his wish and i will do what my husband wish,s. I had just had cancer colon resection surgery done and i am 61 so its takeing my body more time to recover. I had a home health helping me and my husbands home health he was useing had sold out. The home health i had wanted my husband as a patient. I had already informed them of all conditions and they agreed. Then i was told oh about 3 weeks later he was to much trouble for them and he is not home health care acceptable because they couldnt or wouldnt do daily wound care. And of course now if i signed him up or he sign his own self up for hospice now this would be the way. Well being quadraplegic this would be sucidal. Sorry about my spelling. I had him in 2 hospitals for the wound which by the way hospital gave him by pulling him across the bed. He got a infection which cause it to grow bigger. Our local hospital has gotten where they just really see him as a henderence to their daily routine because a quad hasta have help eating and a drink of water. But just 3 mnths ago had him in local hospital they said no sence having in there he didnt meet their criteria. So they sent him up to a larger care facilty and come to find out his kidney was holding fluid so they now have a tube in his kidney. He came home and this when new home health took over his care then got him in a speciality hospital and now their after him to go to nurseing home. Which just upsets my husband to no end. He is still a man. Even though some maynot think so because his body is paralyzed. But even in this 3rd place they again trying to make him go into a nurseing home and it scares me that some how they may be able to go against his wish,s.Our local hospital was his down fall when they broke his leg in the early 90,s. Then about 6 yrs ago they gave him a accentabacter. Again their not held liable for their dirty equipment and almost costing him his life. And now we not sure this home health will accept him back if he does get out of speciality hospital. Just so heart breaking to see the medical field take this type of action to another human being and just wondering if anyone else with husbands being quad having the same issues. I know i am kinda rambling but its so frustrating just fighting for him his rights as a human and his right to live. He is 55 now and broke his neck when he was 21. I sure appreciate any body dealing with the frustration of trying to get pple to understand he is a human and a man.

over 2 years ago

I am at an end for looking for help. I know that someday my sweetheart will be home again but I'm out here on a limb broke with car in the garage, no job around our community or support for the girlfriend of the guy whom were both in the accident but hes now a paraplegic and still in the hospital after nearly 5 months and I'm here waiting for a miracle. What can I do to help my self when I don't even have a dime to move over on .

zahra213 said...

over 2 years ago

what is the cost of an all day long care taker for one who have spinal cord injury?

over 2 years ago

I am a caregiver mother to a 22year old quad. He has been a quad since2009 sometimes I do get tired even though I have nurses to come in and help he can't walk at all or feed himself ....I just pray for his situation cause he has come a long way...Thank You

almost 2 years ago

over 2 years ago

what is going to happen to me? I had c5 and c6 fused 10 years ago and the doctor told me then it was the worst one he saw in his career. I lost 60% of my legs. I am only 55 now and can't walk up my steps to the bathroom.

Destiny68 said...

about 3 years ago

Taking care of parents and loved ones who have had a spinal cord injury is difficult at times. Especially if the parent is residing in a facility that is far from their home.

RosaR said...

almost 3 years ago

bobbi jo said...

over 3 years ago

Well,don't know were to begin.I meant my fiance' on a dating site in August 2011.It was love at 1st site.I had been married before for 31 years,my husband died of cancer.When Walt and I first meant he was so active so full of life,kind,gentle opened car door for me,gave me roses on every week of our anniversary.I was not use to that,my husband didn't believe in those kind of things..Then he went for MRI.his lower back had been bothering him.They found a tumor,they call it a twin.the Dr. was 99% it was cancer.My world fell apart when I heard that word.Thank the good Lord it wasn't.But he had to go 2in.into his spine.which left him paralyzed in his left leg.Since then he has broken his leg,now his ankle.I am not in good health either,but I love him heart and soul.but sometimes i feel like i could pull my hair out.I have all the faith in the world that one day he will walk again,maybe not like he did before the surgery.but with help from a walker.please tell me what I should do.Who can I talk to.