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Welcome to this online support group for caregivers, family, friends, and others with an interest in cancer care! Please introduce yourself - Ask for advice - Share your experiences caring for a loved one with cancer. Talk about symptoms, treatment options, side effects, daily life, your tips for others. Vent, laugh, and come back as often as you need to feel less alone.

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hope4334 said...

1 day ago

Hello, my sister was diagnosed with mesothelioma and I'm seeking support as we navigate through the care and hard times. We are at 8 months since dx and prognosis was less than a year. Thank you

Swati264 said...

13 days ago

Need help. My friend is admitted to a hospital in new york and i have only my frnds number to contact and now it's not available. So Please suggest me how can i find my friend.

eellen said...

15 days ago

Cancer is so so so evil. My mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer a little over a year ago and is still beating all odds. All my friends and my family think i'm fine because my mom is doing great, but i still struggle on a daily basis with a lot of things. i get so jealous when i see how all my friends are so close to their moms and call them their bestfriends and all. it hurts because i was cheated out of having a real mom, my entire life. prior to the cancer diagnosis my mom had really bad migraines and was always sick or didn't feel good. my mom and i have never had a good relationship and that's why i'm trying to make the most out of the time i have left... it is just hard waking up every single day and knowing that today she could go downhill and never come back. my mom is on hospice and refuses to be reevaluted so we have no idea where the tumors are or the fractures or what's going on inside of her body at all. Everyday i have to know that this could be her last because cancer is evil and life isn't fair.

16 days ago

My 14 yr old son has cancer, he has already has a 28 lb tumor removed in Feb, it has came back with 3 more, he has chemo every week and he also has 2 blood clots that i have to give him 2 shots in his stomache a day, chemo is not working so now it may have to be surgery again and radiation, thru all this he maintains an A average and awesome, high spirits, but me not so much, I have battles with cancer 10 yrs, but he makes me thrive, but I forget me, I'm so into my son, but no family, what do I do

16 days ago

Last August, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Little did me or my family know that she had been hiding her cancer from us for 7 years. She was forced to seek real medical attention when her body began to malfunction and she started to act strange because of the cancer in her body. She was forced to go to the ER and as a 16 year old about to start my junior year i was told that my mom had stage 4 breast cancer and that it had spread into her bones and all around her body. We were told she had fractures all up and down her spine and tumors at the base of her neck and throughout her entire body. Doctors didn't even think she would make it to Christmas of 2015. She has her good days and her bad days like everyone else, but it's almost Halloween of 2016 and she is still here. She has completely beaten all odds so far and shocked everyone. But what i struggle with is why she would put our family through this, when all she had to do was go to a doctor. And all of this pain could have been avoided, breast cancer is the most researched and treatable cancer, but stage 4 is stage 4. Terminal. My friends are always complaining about how their moms are mean or how they hate them when really all i want is a real mom. Because mine has been in a hospital bed for over a year now.

cyndeemagers1 said...

16 days ago

lindseys said...

20 days ago

My dad was diagnosed with leukemia last week. Since then, he has been admitted to the hospital and will begin chemo tomorrow. We went through something similar last year, but soon after his cancer diagnosis, they were able to tell us with certainty that he would be okay. It was a long road, but he got through it. With this, I do not know how to live in limbo. I am so scared to lose him. I never pictured my life without him and it hurts me so badly that I don't know what to do with all of the pain. More than that, I worry about my mother being without him. Both my sister and I are in our thirties and do not live at home. I don't know how my mom will go on without him. I also do not know how my dad will deal with it. He currently feels fine and would not know he is sick if they didn't tell him. How could you go from being okay to being told you may not make it? How can he mentally be okay? I am lost.

RagamuffinMary said...

28 days ago

My 92 yr old mother was dx with esophageal cancer, and they are not recommending treatment for her. Even if they were, she did not want treatment or any further testing done. I do not know what to expect, or how long she may have left. She was dx early July. Some days I just feel incredibly sad...

emptynest said...

24 days ago

Chgogal said...

23 days ago

Kikimorgan said...

about 1 month ago

Hi there. My mom was diagnosed with stage 3 uterine cancer in June and then had a hysterectomy and removed everything, but developed another tumor 8 weeks later on her vagina cuff. she is undergoing chemo and radiation and now lives with me. She's having a very rough time dealing with the side effects and I'm exhausted with taking care of her.

about 1 month ago

sddwtb said...

about 1 month ago

I was diagnosed Stage 1 about a month ago. Since my doctor had breast cancer, I don't feel it appropriate to ask her, so... how long will it take for my cancer to spread and get to Stage 4/death? People have got to have someone that they can be completely open and honest with and ask these tough questions-because isolation is deadlier than any disease.. PLEASE do not talk to me about religion or family, just answer the question. please. Thank you. Also, I have no family, children, friends, job or insurance. My death would affect exactly no one and I have nothing to live for. And no, I am not exaggerating.

about 1 month ago

smo321 said...

about 1 month ago

about 1 month ago

My wife of 41 years develop stage 4 cancer in her plurex area of her right lung last year. This resulted from ovarian cancer she had 9 1/2 years ago and her current diagnosis was because the cancer moved to a different area of her body. She develop other issues which were life threatening but she was able to get thru them. I been trying very hard to be supportive her since everything now has fallen on my shoulders as far daily household chore etc. I am not complaining since I am retired and keep telling her this is my pay back to her for all the things she did all for me and our two sons for all those years priors too this. I trying to stay positive and kept an open mind when she get down but its frustrating when she continues to rehash everything over and over again. I keep telling her she is able to do more today then what she able to do a year ago and that goes for her health too. Not sure what else I can do but looking for some suggestions if anyone has any.

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