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Welcome to this online support group for caregivers, family, friends, and others with an interest in cancer care! Please introduce yourself - Ask for advice - Share your experiences caring for a loved one with cancer. Talk about symptoms, treatment options, side effects, daily life, your tips for others. Vent, laugh, and come back as often as you need to feel less alone.

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Pussykitty said...

2 days ago

I'm 64 and have had a colonoscopy I'm scared to death to get one as I'm afraid it will be cancer. I have a hard time sleeping and eating as I am so scared and worried what can I do? I have no troubles with my bowels can some one please help me ?

2 days ago

1 day ago

NeedAdvice33 said...

4 days ago

Hello, glad to meet you all, but I'm sorry for the circumstance. My father is 61 and on hospice due to metastatic prostate cancer to the bone. He travelled the entire world (Europe, Switzerland, Germany, as well as here in USA, etc...) trying different therapies and treatments, but nothing has helped. I think some things have helped extend his time, but now he's resigned to the inevitable, in some ways. I suppose I should clarify that I'm 100% accepting of our reality and we're comfortable in our faith in God to carry us through, but I'm struggling so very deeply with one thing....his girlfriend, who's only 29 and in extreme denial. I know that she loves him very much (as odd as the match is, I understand her issues and preference for older men) but she cannot and will not accept that he is dying and is preparing himself. I don't need advice on how to cope with him. We have grown our bond to a level that I didn't know was possible. I need help with coping with her and her inability to think outside of herself. It's driving me to insanity. I'm nice, I'm compassionate, I'm understanding that everyone reacts differently, but I can't stand for someone to think that just because a dying person ate 4 bites of food means they're all better. She thinks all he needs is protein and mineral solutions, but WHY?? It's not going to improve his quality of life, maybe it would just extend his misery, He said he wants to pass and all I want is to help him through it as best I can. I can't do that with someone who thinks mineral water and protein will solve all of our problems!!! Someone please help me. I really need an outside opinion.

GoldenPoppy said...

3 days ago

Stella2015 said...

10 days ago

My husband is on chemotherapy for lymphoma. Does anyone have experience with this and what can I expect?

NeedAdvise said...

14 days ago

My wife's mother passed away almost eight months ago. She has never really grieved to me or let alone anyone else. I was there for her everyday. I helped her mom when she wasn't around and did everything I could. From the time we found out her mother had cancer till the time she passed was less then 2 months. Her mom and her were best friends and very close. Ever since that, I feel like I've lost my wife. She showed me how to love and express my feelings. Everyday for 20 years we've texted or called each other and tell each other how much we love each other and miss each but that has stopped. She says "I love you" when I say it. The love and affection she always gave me has gone by the wayside. I don't know what to do because she is my world and I'm terrified of losing her. I've asked her to get help, or both of us go speak to someone because this is effecting our marriage. I was told by her she is going to grieve her own way and doesn't need help and would have asked for it months ago if she needed it.

I've been a policeman for over 20 yrs and have to fix everyone else's problem but I don't know how to fix my own marriage. There is a lot more I could say but don't know what to do anymore. I can't lose my wife because she is my everything and without her and our 2 kids I have nothing. I know and understand that death makes everyone grieve differently, I just feel alone because nothing I do or say works. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

14 days ago

22 days ago

My mother was recently diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer. She completed her first treatment of Carboplatin and Taxol chemotherapy last week. I would appreciate any advice on how to deal with the extreme diarrhea she has been experiencing as a result of the treatment? Any thoughts on nutrition?

22 days ago

22 days ago

Lted48 said...

23 days ago

I'm on burn out from caregiving for hubby for 17 years cancer. Suggested I go online to discuss it. He's had three surgery this year alone, and starting to fail a little. Hard to watch, been married48 years. I would like some chat. Not getting much help except lady at church. It's about patients well being not caregiver. I admit I'm resentful any suggestions.

LARyan said...

about 1 month ago

My mom was diagnosed with uterine cancer last year. It was contained to the uterus and although it had progressed into the muscle, it had not spread outside the uterus or into the ovaries. She had a complete hysterectomy in February last year and because of the amount and type of cancer (aggressive) and her weight, they recommended radiation. She finished radiation treatments last November. This July she had bad stomach pains and found out the cancer had spread to the omentum, lymph nodes and appendix. She had surgery to remove the cancer the end of September and had her first chemo treatment on October 27th. i am looking for any support I can get. She is 76 and was weak before this last diagnosis. We don't know what to expect from day to day and would love to have some friends to talk to who have experienced anything similar. I would appreciate any and all advice you can give me.

11kc11 said...

25 days ago

LARyan said...

24 days ago

Sahar Webb said...

about 1 month ago

Sahar Webb is a blogger, who enjoying writing some specializes in Beauty, General Health, Women's Health, Men's Health, Health Conditions, Fitness, Nutrition, and Supplements. She resides in the Los Angeles, California. She has a degree in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia, a master of arts from the University of Florida, and a master of science in health administration from Virginia Commonwealth University. When she's not writing she has spending time with her family. Her hobbies include singing, running, watching football, gardening from seed. Her interests include science literacy for children and adults, child development.

hope4334 said...

about 1 month ago

Hello, my sister was diagnosed with mesothelioma and I'm seeking support as we navigate through the care and hard times. We are at 8 months since dx and prognosis was less than a year. Thank you

Swati264 said...

about 1 month ago

Need help. My friend is admitted to a hospital in new york and i have only my frnds number to contact and now it's not available. So Please suggest me how can i find my friend.

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