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Welcome to this online support group for caregivers, family, friends, and others with an interest in cancer care! Please introduce yourself - Ask for advice - Share your experiences caring for a loved one with cancer. Talk about symptoms, treatment options, side effects, daily life, your tips for others. Vent, laugh, and come back as often as you need to feel less alone.

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bub said...

1 day ago

Husband was just diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer Help!!

emptynest said...

1 day ago

5 days ago

I need to speak to someone

5 days ago

emptynest said...

4 days ago

Rbandrea said...

7 days ago

Today my father is being discharged from the nursing home. He has Stage 4 Thyroid Cancer. He has refused further treatment with the exception of localized radiation to a tumor he had in the sacrum region of his pelvis. He looks good and really doesn't act "sick". He had two months of rehabilitation to get him back to walking and doing for himself. Now I know the diagnosis and even read the doctors report from his latest lab that his prognosis is poor. I'm confused on how to feel. One minute I feel I should be making preparations that he is terminal and the inevitable will eventually happen and then the next minute I feel like he's ok, he's just aging. He will be just fine. I don't know how to feel and I hate this. I was wondering if there's anyone else out there who has dealt with these conflicting emotions

Adiv199 said...

7 days ago

about a month ago my dad was having some trouble with back pain so he went to see a doctor. We found out that he has stage four lung cancer which has also spread to his brain. We also found out that it is inoperable and wont respond to any medication. The doctor also told us that he is too weak for chemo so that is not an option either. I wish I could go back to one month ago when I didn't know any of this. Our lives have changed so much in such a short period of time. Just one month ago he was walking around and driving and seemed fine now he can barely move by himself and is on hospice. I have become his full time caregiver. He has dropped down to about 100 pounds and just seems so miserable. I am 25 years old and just thought he would be around so much longer. I wanted him to see me get married and be a grandpa to my children. I wanted him to see me get a good job and start my life. I know you can never really be ready for something like this but I just feel like I have been kicked in the stomach. It just all seems so sudden. Just needing to vent to some people I feel can understand.

Ca/ORhelp said...

13 days ago

My sister in Oregon will be going through Chemo soon. I live in california. I have to work and will not be able to care for her. Where can we turn for help?

emptynest said...

11 days ago

Sloden said...

15 days ago

My husband has extended stage small cell lung cancer. He has gone through 6 months of chemo. Now he has to go through radiation to the brain. He was supposed to start exercise at the YMCA last week but wouldn't go. He said he doesn't feel good enough to go. His legs hurt all the time and the np said that if he would walk it will help but he won't do it. He lays in bed 24-7 for the most part. Does anyone have any advice for me? I'm desperate to get him mobile, or I'm afraid he is giving up.

Mama Joan said...

9 days ago

Anne60 said...

16 days ago

My spouse has prostate cancer that has metastasis. He is very weak can't eat and can't move around well. The doctors are not really helping. I am not sure what to do next. I need some information please!

16 days ago

16 days ago

Sadie Fee said...

18 days ago

My Mom was just diagnosed with stage 4. Hospital its oncologist told me that we can do chemo but she needs to build her strength and be home. Her discharge was sooner then expected and the hospital its oncologist was on vacation......... So I arranged for rehab at skilled facility. I need advice from people who know...... Not the PC medical people.

18 days ago

Helg said...

21 days ago

I have copd (4 yrs). My husband was just diagnosed with prostrate cancer. It's pretty much just us. Our children have their own problems and so...... I am doing my best, but fear for my own health. My hubby just got a cold & it was so scary, as a simple cold for either one of us could be disastrous.

Jewel001 said...

28 days ago

I care for my mum who has stage 4 breast cancer. She is 86 years old. Although we are a large family, I resigned from work to care for her. Recently, I have mixed feelings, as I am solely responsible for her. I feel drained and exhausted. I have been caring for her for 8 months, 24/7. The family takes it for granted that I will care for her always. Yet no one is thinking of me and my needs. I'm lonely and my health is now affected. Please advise.

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