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Welcome to this online support group for caregivers, family, friends, and others with an interest in cancer care! Please introduce yourself - Ask for advice - Share your experiences caring for a loved one with cancer. Talk about symptoms, treatment options, side effects, daily life, your tips for others. Vent, laugh, and come back as often as you need to feel less alone.

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Gailrose said...

about 9 hours ago

Hi, my long term boyfriend just was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer. He breezed through the initial radiation/chemo but the recent subsequent surgery (LAR with ileostomy) has sent him into a very uncomfortable phase, He is so exhausted and has been intermittently vomiting. Anyone else see this happen? I'm so worried that his next round of chemo is just going to wallop him. Thanks

britchick70 said...

about 23 hours ago

my friend of 25 years is facing her 3rd chemo,this time for cancer of the peritoneal fluid;previously it was originally breast cancer and then omendum cancer.She is 69 years of age and this time is starting a very aggressive chemo program..We talk on the phone almost every day (she is in Washington ,I'm in California)she puts on a very positive but overly bright face,but I know she feels that this is probably not going to end well.She called Thursday befor chemo and admitted her fear.What do I say,how do I help her without using the normal platitudes,You're going to beat this etc,she gets very unpleasant if those kind of things are said,understandably so.

LauraB649 said...

4 days ago

Hi, my husband. was diagnosed with liver cancer one year ago. He has had 2 chemoembolization treatments. One last July and one the beginning of March. His temperament is all over the place. I seem to do everything wrong one day and then everything great the next day. Is this normal for someone going through cancer treatments? I love him very much and will take care of him no matter what. I just would like to know if this will get better.

4 days ago

LauraB649 said...

3 days ago

Hoping4peace said...

5 days ago

This is my first time on this site as well. I find it very hard in my life to find anyone with whom I can relate to. I am young and married with two kids. In the prime of our lives, we were shocked and surprised that my mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. The cancer has continued to grow and is now in the terminal stages. My heart goes out to her. The only issue is, no one tells you how caregiving is going to feel. The feeling of being trapped, resentful, the difficulties is causes on a marriage, the time I get to spend with my kids.... Then, the guilt sets in for thinking of myself and my struggles. Everyday is a new challenge and I find myself just praying for the peace to keep it all together and fight the urge to run away!

emptynest said...

4 days ago

Scared:-( said...

8 days ago

Hi everyone my dad was diagnosed with colorectal cancer 5 years ago and lately he's been vomiting. I'm concerned.

7 days ago

Scared:-( said...

6 days ago

10 days ago

Hi everyone. Please read. This is also my first post and I believe that your opinions will help me. My grand dad is 80 yrs old. Year 2013 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer stage 4 but did not undergo chemotherapy. He is scheduled for monthly check-up. He can actually do his every day activity. He is strong and in proper thinking. Last last week april 2016, his doctor said that the cancer cells already metastasize. His doctor recommends chemotherapy 6 cycles, May grandfather decided to undergo with his first cycle because his doctor said he will be cured. During his first cycle, he doesn't feel any pain but after a week, he cannot sleep at night screaming because of pain. I am really hurt knowing this. Now, my grandfather is already hesitant if he'll continue his 2nd cycle on may 6, We know that chemotherapy cannot really cure cancer. Side effects of the therapy might be the one killing the patient. May I just asked, what might happen if he will not continue his chemotherapy? I really don't have an idea. Thank you!

emptynest said...

10 days ago

Arrah said...

9 days ago

gwynnstone said...

12 days ago

My name is Lewan and my boyfriend of almost 6 yrs has small non cell lung cancer stage 4. He got sick 2013. Dr's say he's lived longer than they expected. I'm also his caregiver. And it's hard sometimes

gwynnstone said...

12 days ago

KelliOMara said...

15 days ago

Hello everyone, my name is Kelli and this is my first time visiting this site. My mom passed away last September after fighting a 2 year battle with cancer. In July 2013, after having numbness in her right side, an MRI found a growth on her spinal cord. That growth ended up being a glioblastoma and about 2 weeks after the diagnosis, she had surgery to remove the tumor. The surgery lasted almost 11 hours. Recovery lasted almost a year. She was left paralyzed from the waist down and went to a total of 5 different hospitals before she was finally released from a rehabilitation facility in December of that year.

By March 2014, she was back up on her feet & walking with a cane and/or walker. She was ready to get back to work and it looked like she had beat this. Almost a year after her initial diagnosis, she began to experience weakness in her legs and an MRI showed a tumor at the base of her brain. We opted to do radiation and chemo treatment instead of surgery, but after 10 weeks of treatment, there was no progress and surgery was the only option. In November 2014 she had surgery to have the brain tumor removed. The surgery lasted almost 9 hours, but the recovery wasn't nearly as long. She was back home a week later but she was never the same. Her health slowly declined. She had trouble keeping food down, she fell numerous times, and she lost her will to live.

In April, we put her back into a skilled nursing facility and in June, she was placed under hospice care. By the time she passed in September, at the age of 60, she was only a shell of herself.

She was my best friend, my biggest supporter, and she had been my strength during her entire illness. I struggle with her death everyday and I guess that's what brought me here. I want to help those who are going through a similar experience. There were times I felt so alone, in fact I still do and I don't want anyone else to feel that way.

Please, feel free to reach out with any questions or if you need to vent or need a (virtual) shoulder to cry on.


ocalababe1 said...

16 days ago

I have lung cancer I am fighting now. I would like a support group!!

Patricia Heath

LazyBones said...

8 days ago

savannahkristen said...

19 days ago

Hey... So, I've never posted here before... I'm 20 years old, an only child, and my Dad was perfectly healthy just a few months ago. He had back pain that was originally diagnosed as arthritis, but came back as metastic cancer that had caused 2 fractures. Because of a complication after his back surgery, (a nurse inserted a catheter into his URETHRA, not his bladder...) he had to be taken off of his Xarelto (a blood thinner) which caused him to suffer a stroke. It's set back treatment for his cancer by a couple of months... The doctors have so far been unable to determine the type of cancer. He has small lesions on his spine, hip, and skull. Two very small ones in the lung. They are stumped, so my family and I are in a place of not knowing, and it is extremely hard. My mom has to work hard to support the family financially, so I postponed college to take care of my Dad. I've become his primary caregiver, and the stress is maddening. I feel angry all of the time, but not at him, at the situation, at the fact he's such a good person that is having to suffer so much. We are awaiting a second opinion from a renowned hospital in the area about the type of cancer, and hope to get some answers. I want to know, but at the same time, I'm afraid of knowing.

The effects from the stroke have made everything much harder. Though there was no damage, he is still having trouble communicating, with in continence, ect. It's very hard for me to see him suffer like this.

How do any of you escape the pressures and stress? Have any of you been in a similar situation?

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