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Don Bibi said...

over 8 years

Inner Values In Our Journey Through Life Threatening Diseases.

My wife and I would wish to answer any questions regarding our journey through life threatening diseases.

I was diagnosed having prostate cancer and had a very successful radical procedure in 2004. This is in addition to my having myo-cardial infarction in 1998;open heart procedure in 2002; heart ablation procedure in 2003; and prostate cancer surgery in 2004. In 2007, I had deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism in both lungs at a time when I had shingles. At present, I am still under medication from these maladies. On top of this, I had polycethemia vera which necessitated the drawing of 450 cc of blood, weekly for 6 weeks; and thereafter, twice a month and ultimately, once a month until I was cured.

I am under medication (9 pills)for life - for my heart, blood pressure, blood, ulcers of the small intestines, cholesterol, arthritis, etc. Despite these, I am still kicking around, appearing and feeling normal.

My wife was diagnosed of having infiltrating lobular carcinoma in 2006; and she had undergone three procedures entailing the removal of one rib and one breast coupled with chemotherapy and radiation. She was pronounced free from cancer but has to go for follow-up examinations, periodically. She is taking pills daily for a period of 5 years.

During those turbulent years of anxiety, fear of what the future holds, our inner values such as strong faith in God, daily prayers, patience, love, understanding, etc. enabled us to ride over with the crest of survival. Those inner values with the physical dimensions of science brought us through in our journey. Above all, we are resigned to the will of God. We do not fear the inevitable as our philosopy is "only in death can we have eternal life."

We are now 81 years of age, living together, in the same house we bought 23 years ago. Our 5 children had left our home after they got married with their own families. This made our home an empty nest. They still visit us together with our 9 grandchildren so that every now and then one can still hear the laughter and shouts of glee of small children which bring us joy and happiness.

Despite being super-annuated, my wife and I still do aerobics followed by weightlifting and stretching for an aggregate of one hour, three times a week. We socialize and love to do ball room dances whenever we are invited to a social function at least once a month. Of course, we do our religious obligations by going to church every Sunday or Saturday evenings and the holy days of obligation and do merits by doing community work.

My rationale in telling our story in brief is to support those who are now traveling through life threatening diseases. My wife and I would be more than happy to answer querries that may help them go through in their tribulations.

markwaldman said...

about 8 years