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Bepyne said...

almost 8 years

Mom's stroke at 86

My mom had a bad bleed in her cerebellum 10 days ago. They thought she wouldn't make it. Amazingly, she is learning to walk again. She can talk and swallow. She is sleeping endlessly but is cooperating with her rehab. The problem is with her reality and memory. She still has fairly good short term but has forgotten that my dad passed on 19 years ago. She's upset he doesn't call or visit. She thinks he's alive. I tried gently to tell her the truth but after a couple of minutes she started in about him being alive again. I hate to see her sad thinking he is abandoning her. I don't know how to handle this. Anybody have an experience like this. This is really the only part of her memories that she has forgotten. She has had some crazy thoughts also. Her dog being arrested and people stealing my dad's car( which doesn't exsist )Mostly she sounds perfectly fine except for a couple of subjects, her husband etc. I's so confused. Is this dementia???

almost 8 years

Janet Beeching said...

almost 8 years

annasal said...

almost 5 years