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over 5 years ago

My mother died a few months ago she had a bad stroke 4 years ago she knew much what was going on. After a couple years my dad died he would call her at the nursing home. She wanted to call him an talk to him. I knew i had to just tell her that he had died . I took her out on the porch an i just told her that dad died 2 weeks ago mom. I was afraid to tell her i waited a couple weeks . She cryed alot but i think it was the right thing to do. She told me she would never be alright after i told her. I cryed with her . She did not mention it tho after. So im glad i told her it was the hardest thing i have ever done. It really hurt that day. God bless you an im sorry she probably has dementia i think those stroke can mess with the mind. I hope you the best. God Bless always.

over 5 years ago
Janet Beeching said...

Sometimes it's just better to play along with their realitly. You can tell her that Dad just went home to get some rest and he'll be back later. She'll accept that, and that 19-year-old heartbreak won't have to be relived by either of you. I did that when my husband was dying of cancer, and it helped. Bless you. Janet

over 2 years ago
annasal said...

My aunt had a stroke 2 yrs ago.& Although her sister died over 10 yrs ago I Play along.I think she has dementia as well. Whenever she asks about her sister I say shes sleeping,or you were sleeping & she had to go to work. Its better than the truth, I dont want her to cry and feel bad,so she accepts the answers. Anna