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almost 6 years ago

Supporting others with breast cancer for ten plus years, I became disillusioned with the available breast cancer treatments. After my best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer (we discussed the quality/effectiveness of breast cancer treatments in the past)she told me she did not want to die and wanted to know if there was real breast cancer treatments that work. That day was when I began my 5 year study of cancer, cancer treatments and the immune system.

First I have to say my friend had three different opinions and two doctors said her tumor is so tiny leave it alone. She changed her life style, exercises, eats healthy and avoids chemicals among other things...

Anyways, the one thing I found shocking about National Breast Cancer Awareness month is that it was a marketing ploy by the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca manufactures breast cancer drugs, from which they make millions of dollars annually. AstraZeneca's parent company is Imperial Chemicals they make chemicals and pesticides that are carcinogenic and cause breast cancer.

The chemical industry produces the chemicals and pesticides that produce estrogenic chemicals that causes breast cancer and then they have the audacity to turn around and want to control the marketplace to promote their pharmaceutical drugs as the only cure for the problems created by the chemicals and pesticides they created.

Even pharmceutical drug residues are showing up as a major new class of environmental pollution.

Breast cancer awareness month is a marketing ploy by the very industries that are killing thousands of people needlessly every year.

If you really want breast cancer advice I found Breast Cancer Action as a real non profit with true concern for the cancer victim and they don't accept any funding from the pharmaceutical industry. They are the ones sponsoring www.thinkbeforeyoupink.org.

I wish I found this sight ten years ago. It might of saved many lives. My new motto now is Trust but verify. I won't simply accept what anyone tells me concerning cancer or healthcare in general. Does not matter if they have twenty letters after their name or none. Many people have their own agendas.

Trust no one and verify everything. All the above was found in books and is online.

God Bless you in your search for answers, Karen

over 5 years ago
angel1959 said...

I am truly honored and proud to have my sister with me, she is 2 month's out from her surgery and she is doing GREAT! She had to have both breast removed but through it all she has this wonderful and blessed gift, her strenth, humor, laughter, and most of all love. She has some bad day's who does'nt, but she make's the most of everyday. Her prognosis is good and the doctor's are amazed at how well she is doing, she still has alot of pain but to see her you would never know it. She make's joke's about herself and it is not out of pity or sorrow. They have her on 2 new medication's as a precaution and she has started back on the chemo once every 3 week's, they are still talking about radiation,but for now that is a long way down the road,she is still looking at 10 to 12 more month's of chemo and lord know's what else, but you know what that's ok she is with family and friend's and god on her side we KNOW anything is possible so i am posting this in honor of my baby sister she is showing me what true strenth really is. My love and prayer's to all. Sincerely, Angel 1959