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over 6 years ago
Missy said...

Hi there,

I'm so sorry you're dealing with your dad's diagnosis.    Have you checked out any of our articles about it?  Here's a link to some helpful information.  https://www.caring.com/parkinsons-disease 

Are you caring for your dad on your own?  Or is there someone else there too?  I ask because it sounds like at such a young age you have your hands full.  I'm sure you're a totally capable young lady and you obviously have your head and heart in the right place.  I'm just hoping you have some support there for you and your dad.

*hugs*  I'll be thinking about you.  And welcome to Caring.com's groups.  I'm glad you joined us.

over 6 years ago
needsadvice said...

Hello, thanks for the adivce. It's me, my dad, my mom, and my brother at home. My mom does most of the care taking, i usually just help with getting him things if he can't. It's just hard to deal with it, I feel bad because I hate being at home but it's just so hard to see him like this..

Well thanks again, it really helped! 

over 6 years ago
Missy said...

I think you hit a nail on the head.  It's hard to be at home, but I'm sure you feel like somethings you have to be there.  It's a tough balance to strike.

I know if you've considered this, but maybe you could swap out time with your mom.  Maybe on a Saturday morning, or whatever, say to your mom "go out and do whatever you need (or go read a book, go for a walk, etc) and I'll take care of Dad until noon."  That way you can feel like you're "putting in the time" so to speak, giving your mom a break and spending time with your dad.  That way when you're busy with other things like school and friends, you'll feel good knowing you've helped out at other times.

I think the most important thing you can do for your dad is to let him know how much you love him, care about him and want to help.  I'm betting he understand that you're a teenager and have lots going on. 

over 5 years ago
tinkbugg said...

I am proud to say that I had the oppurtunity to care for a 88yr old man with full on Parkinsons. You need to remember to stay positive at all costs. Look for something positive each day no matter how small. Things are going to change. Just keep a good attitude and just be positive. Take time and do not rush him. There are several different kinds of Parkinsons Disease. Be patient, understanding, and helpful. it is sad to have to watch the deterioration of a loved one. Remember to take time out of your busy day to spend with your loved one.

about 5 years ago

My dad has it to but to cure it aplly daily routines on exersise and strecthing he had it for 3 years

about 5 years ago
califgirl49 said...

Dear Needadvice:

My Dad just passed away from Parkinsons its an awful disease. Have a lot of patience with him.. and cherish everyday with him..

almost 5 years ago
Paris1962 said...

My Dad has had Parkinson's for 19 years he just had a feeding tube put in and I am a complete mess. He is in a nursing home because I am unable to care for him physically. My main problem is seeing hem this way. I get really upset and stressed where inturn effects my Fibromyalgia and my lower back has a metal plate. The guilt overrides my whole being. I Love him more than life itself Please Help

over 4 years ago

dear tinkbug,you mentioned in your comment that there are several types of parkinson.i would like to know what are they.husband have had p.d.for 33 months and is already needing constant or total care.please,i need to understand,why he became so disable so soon.

about 2 years ago

Hi, I know you posted this a while back, but I wanted to say that I saw your post, and that I'm a teenager, too, with a Dad who has Parkinsons<3 I'm praying for you!