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This group is for anyone who needs to talk about their amputation, their medical issues surrounding the amputation and how it makes you feel. Ask anything you like.

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WV desperation said...

about 1 month ago

My wife is an AK amputee and simply refuses to wear her prosthetic most days. She insists she is going to walk again but only wears the leg one or two days out of ten, and even then only fir a few hours. I've asked her to seek counseling, and she refuses. I wasn't raised to abandon family, but I'm at the point of leaving. Can anybody give me some advice?

Big Daddy751 said...

9 days ago

parrish26 said...

2 months ago

I am an amputee. above the knee. My problem is walking with the leg. I have a PT but I am not getting. Can someone tell me whats wrong with me?

Big Daddy751 said...

9 days ago

CBussius said...

4 months ago

My wife lost her left arm to cancer 3 years ago and has isolated herself ever since. Except for 3 of her friends, I have become her only support and caregiver. This is having a large impact on our marriage with me contemplating leaving so that I can have something close to a normal life. She refuses to even let my relatives visit us and I have to go elsewhere to see mt brother. I need help!! Can anyone give me advice on a way to bring her out of her isolation and begin to live a normal life. She refuses to go to any professionals or seek out any support groups

ttayl said...

4 months ago

last week I went out of state to pick up my sister double amputee/ cancer. she and I have never seen eye to eye, and to me doesn't seem her care out of state was all that good, I have her with me now and am trying hard to get her back up to speed on the needed heath care but she fights my wife and I all the time (taking meds, eating, bathing) luckly she has doctors appointment up here next week but she never listens or follows doctors instructions or our help,, it is extremely hard to care for her when she prolongs or refuses anything that would help her.. this is all new to me, I'm trying as hard as I can, but not sure how to go around the road block she always throw out there

7 months ago

3 years ago I lost my right forearm now 3 months ago my left leg was amputated above the knee. I'm 62, I have a lady friend 68, she likes to sleep in the chair, while I want to run around. 2 years ago the state of PA. took my license. Last week my dr. filled out the forms to get it back.. As time goes by.

Tflames said...

10 months ago

What modifications a double amputee of both legs should have in an apartment in according to the laws.

juliesal said...

11 months ago

This concering my husband. He had his left foot amputated above the knee about a year ago. he was in a rehabilitation home and doing so good he was scheduled to come home Friday. I just had lunch with my husband and left to run a couple errands when i received the call from the center saying that "Your husband has just passed away." They said it was natural causes, but I think he fell getting from his chair to another chair unassisted. I couldn't afford an autoposy so I wanted to know if there is any other way to prove that he was unassisted an fell from the chair onto the floor.

Miabrom said...

11 months ago

Hi everyone, I'm not sure if anyone can help me with this one but I thought I should at least try. My husband had his left leg amputated below the knee last July due to diabetes. Now he's having allot of issues with his right foot and may loose that leg as well. He's on 2 IV Med's for the last month and was given one more month on these then there going to take him off it and see what happens. History has been all infections with him come back one to 2 weeks after he's off antibiotics. So we're both in a bad frame of mind on this one. The thing I need some support with is he's said straight out to everyone including his doctors that he will not have this leg amputated. He'll let the infection kill him how do I deal with this. The doctors have already tried to get him counciling, I've begged with him and got mad as well, nothing's changing his mind on this.

Lucky2102 said...

11 months ago

Hi, my dad had his leg amputated due to a infection and now is possibly going to have other leg amputated. He is a diabetic and has dialyisis, 61 years old. Can he still live at home with me? HE doesn't want to go to a nursing home.

lanimari said...

over 1 year ago

Hello, much husband has been in and out of the hospital since 2011, sometimes 8 Mos and others 2 to 3 months at a time. In 2002 he had his left leg amputated above knee. It started on his foot, an ulceration, and quickly spread up his leg, within a year he was fitted for a prosthetic, and returned to work with little limitations. In 2011 he fell and broke his right hip and was hospitalized on and off for 3 years with infection after infection. One of his hospitalizations he had cardiac arrest how ever made it thru and now has defibrillator. Much of his problems of infection is due to his diabetes. His kidneys stopped working twice in the hospital but they did dialysis and he got better, not having to be on dialysis all the time. Was lucky. well this last visit in 2014 he had to amputate the right leg because of all infectious leg wounds plus the hip implant was tried twice but infection set in so that won't happen. He is now wheelchair bound, can transfer to bed ok and into the shower but some of his short term and long term memory has suffered. He's been thru alot but has no memory of all the times in the hospital. he can't stand so I have to continuously empty the urinals, day and nite and I have to handle all big decisions in the house and finance. Sometimes he gets angry saying I am not telling him things but when I do he can't comprehend stuff. our life , I am 65 and he is 70 has changed dramatically. I worked all my life for 44 yrs and now my retirement is caregiver, housekeeper and cook, day in and out. I notice day to day we don't have much conversation and when I try he gets mad and that ends that. We do not act like a married couple anymore. I do go to a therapist twice a month but that is costly. He does not want counselling. I get out to grocery shop or a short lunch with a friend now and then but that's it. We don't go out together much unless the doctor as he can't stay out too long so couple stuff is out. I try to understand how he feels because I live it along with him. I am very depressed and take Prozac, however not sure it really helps. My physical condition is going downhill and mentally a wreck. Sometimes I just want to run away. This is not the retirement I was expecting and I know it will never be. I know he gets depressed too and rightly so. it's as though I am raising children again all responsibility on me from morning to nite, 24 hrs a day. I am so fatigued and lately very weepy at nite. I try for him not to see me upset because then he blames himself. I really don't think he realizes the impact on me. This house is so tense. It is just so difficult. I've tried hiring some help for me but he never wants anyone here. Everything I try to do ends up with him on defense and in an argument. We'll I guess I just need to vent but sometimes just so unbearable.

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