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This group is for anyone who needs to talk about their amputation, their medical issues surrounding the amputation and how it makes you feel. Ask anything you like.

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Msjface said...

2 days ago

My boyfriend is soon gonna have surgery to amputate partial leg. We have two cats will I have to get rid of my cats?

5 days ago

Today my partner is getting a hip disarticulation. She is still in surgery. So many thoughts run through my mind. Hopefully, this was the right choice. She's been suffering many years with pain and infections. How long does a hip articulation usually take to heal enough to start looking at wearing aprosthetic leg and learning how to walk again?

Mikenzy T said...

3 months ago

So I've been a left below knee amputee for one month now just now I've started experimenting with stopping my opioids usage seems to be getting better but I got sicker than a dog today after not taking any not sure if it was related but who knows. I took some tonight and feel I bit better maybe it's all in my head. I lost my leg because I had a lot of blood veins growing throughout my leg and mostly my foot creating a lot of blood clots and tissue masses or benign tumors. I was told there was a good chance a blood clot could break loose and potentially kill me but then again I could be fine for years but the problem could continue to spread up my leg and since it had already penetrated my bones and was extremely painful some days I went ahead and decided to take my doctors suggestions on amputation but now a month after I am continually regretting my decision, thinking that this pain is so much worse than what I lived with before. Sure down the road I hear it gets better and with a prosthetic life will be better but right now I'm falling over tumbling oddly and awkwardly around arms and hip in pain all the time not to mention the pain in my amputation, life is getting to be so rough and I find myself up at all hours of the night talking to a computer laying in bed because no one around me understands it's like living in a foreign country where people look at you as an outsider and are afraid to talk to you and just act like they understand when in actuality they cannot

David scouse said...

3 months ago

My mother (81) had a leg amputated last year. She is coping v well & positive to life. It is looking increasingly likely that she will need the other leg amputated. My father is 83 & although mobile he is wobbly on his feet and often walks with a stick. What challenges are they likely to face if the amputation occurs? How realistic is it to continue living in their bungalow ?

Rhonda1961 said...

3 months ago

Hi, I had Synovial Cancer Tumor removed 2013, leaving me paralyzed in foot with 0 function. I had made world history 13 1/2 in. Nerve graft 2014. But nothing has improved, all dr.s don't advise amputation, but I just want my life back. Running, walking normal again. I welcome any comments from experience or place to get it done at. And where would u have it done at, as I would travel to get done by the best. Thank u! Rhonda

Rhonda1961 said...

3 months ago

Photog said...

4 months ago

May have to amputate my left foot(below knee) due to wound, infectious bones and diabetes.

Stillwaters said...

5 months ago

My aunt is a double leg amputee, and currently in rehab. We need to take her to visit an ailing family member this week in another town. She can transfer from her wheelchair to a chair/bed using a slider board. Is there a vehicle that she could transfer into using the slider board ? I have a CRV, but I'm happy to rent a different vehicle if there's one that is easier. Any suggestions ? Thank you in advance!

WV desperation said...

7 months ago

My wife is an AK amputee and simply refuses to wear her prosthetic most days. She insists she is going to walk again but only wears the leg one or two days out of ten, and even then only fir a few hours. I've asked her to seek counseling, and she refuses. I wasn't raised to abandon family, but I'm at the point of leaving. Can anybody give me some advice?

Big Daddy751 said...

6 months ago

parrish26 said...

8 months ago

I am an amputee. above the knee. My problem is walking with the leg. I have a PT but I am not getting. Can someone tell me whats wrong with me?

Big Daddy751 said...

6 months ago

CBussius said...

10 months ago

My wife lost her left arm to cancer 3 years ago and has isolated herself ever since. Except for 3 of her friends, I have become her only support and caregiver. This is having a large impact on our marriage with me contemplating leaving so that I can have something close to a normal life. She refuses to even let my relatives visit us and I have to go elsewhere to see mt brother. I need help!! Can anyone give me advice on a way to bring her out of her isolation and begin to live a normal life. She refuses to go to any professionals or seek out any support groups

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