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13 days ago

After losing my mom at 22 from cancer. I have found myself at a stand still. While grieving and coping I feel like I'm losing not just my mother, but my sister is distancing herself as well. I feel like I'm preparing to lose my whole family. My dad is grieving in his own way. Starting a new life. While my brotwr is only 15, and won't tell a soul what he's going through. He tries to act tough about it but I knows he's lonely. My mother and I had a different relationship then most. I felt like a guardian always trying to make sure she wasn't getting into anything bad, so much I lost who I am. Although after all of my experience I think I have a great list of think to do and not to do as a parent. I'm just not sure how to get through all this. I'm only 23 and have a 3 year old who depends on me, and a lot more life to live. How do I do it without constantly thinking about everything. It drives me bonkers sometimes. I want it to shut off and go away!!!! At least for bedtime:(

6 months ago

I was financial and health care POA for my mother until her death on March 13th. She was on Medicaid, and had Social Security, and with her pension she paid roughly half of the total liability for her stay there per month.

My question is this; If she didn't have enough money for me to accrue a savings for her final expenses, and Social Security pays backwards, not I personally liable for those last 13 days of her stay at the nursing home? If she left me with no money due to no fault of her own, nor mine, but the money just wasn't there at the end, can the nursing home legally bill ME for those expenses?

6 months ago

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7 months ago

My mom passed away unexpectedly 11 days ago. She was in a nursing home in SC and I live in NY. One sister lives near her and went to see her a couple of times a week, i talked to mom on the phone every day. My goal was to bring her home but that didn't happen. I am wracked with guilt and anger. I truly know the nursing home contributed to her death. They withheld medical care and water from her. She died of a urinary tract infection and dehydration. I looked into sueing the nursing home but I signed an arbitration agreement when she went in which negates a court trial and I do not think our family can withstantd the emotional distress involved so we decided not to proceed in that manner. howerver, I WILL be reporting this nursing home and contacting the local newspaper about this danger. Needless to say, my father will NOT be going anywhere near a nursing home no matter what I need to do.

Kayvangale said...

7 months ago

Hello I was adopted by my grandparents at age 6 the judge said only if they disowned my mom their daughter. I took care of them til the cancer and Alzheimer's won. I have no siblings, no aunts or uncles etc I feel abandoned

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9 days ago

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FranklinPaul said...

8 months ago

My Sister is close to passing,I am so very concerned as to how to help her adult children that are extremely close with her. I am older an have been through loss with the help of Hospice. As we know everyone deals with grief differently. They look to me for strength. As I am typing this I answered some of my concern,give them love an just be there .

ohheyangie said...

9 months ago

Hello, I have a question hoping somebody can answer. My father passed away last November after a year-long battle with pancreatic cancer. It's been really hard ever since his diagnosis, and I still haven't had the proper time to cope as I am a mother of three children all under the age of 10 who keep me really busy. I never bothered my stepmother with any questions regarding a will or anything as such because I honestly thought he would leave everything to her and my half-sister she had with my father, who is now 9. Anyway, someone brought to my attention that the house my dad bought many years ago BEFORE he re-married may be entitled to me and my brother, and my half-sister. That house he bought when we were very young (way before my half-sister's birth) and on the title of the house was my dad's name and my biological mother's name, My biological mother left us and went back to her home country of Korea when we were very young and stopped all contact. My dad has never been able to take her name off the title because he had no idea how to reach her, and didn't have the $$ to have a lawyer remove her name and put his new wife's name. Now, my question is - since he acquired the house before his new marriage, is my stepmother considered next of kin, or are we? She hasn't said anything about it, and when I told her I wanted to investigate a bit to shed some light on what can and should be done about the house, she told me if I talk to any lawyers "it could ruin what she's already doing." I don't think that my stepmother is trying to leave me empty handed, but she's always liked to control every possible situation and I don't think she's telling me everything. When I told her she may not be next of kin for the house she was quiet at first but then insisted since she was his wife, she is entitled to everything. Thanks in advanced for your answers!