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Welcome to this online support group for caregivers, family, friends, and others with an interest in addiction concerns! Please introduce yourself - Ask for advice - Share about your experiences battling your loved ones' (or your own) substance abuse or dependency issues. Talk about the signs and symptoms of addiction, treatment options, caregiving challenges, daily life, and your tips for others. Vent, laugh, and come back to this addiction support group as often as you need to feel less alone.

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LovingAnAddict said...

4 months ago

My boyfriend keeps using and I can't make them stop it completely changes when is using. He is like a completely different person and all you could do is fight with me and go crazy and have crazy mood swings's. He throws up and he's out-of-control. He's taken almost all her money using these past few days. And he gets mad when I hide my debit card and he keeps telling me it's my fault and tries to make me feel guilty for something I accidentally lied about in the past a little white lie and now he can't stop making me feel guilty for it to make him make me enable him. And you says he wants to go to treatment but he keeps using it keeps manipulating me to use. I started out with $450 on Wednesday and now I have $18. He would take my card while I'm sleeping and go to the to the store and take out money and then he kept lying about it and now I just feel like I'm drowning. Everybody he knows he's an addict and I don't want to send him out and to the attics to where I know he'll never get better. And his family completely cut him out of their lives. I don't know what to do I just need help or somebody to talk to you. Nobody I know understands and I can't really tell anybody. Nobody ever gives them a shout when I try to tell them something. And now I'm just miserable because he can't stop using. I've broken so many needles now. And I have no idea what to do I keep trying to hide my money but somehow he always gets it out of me and that's my fault. But I have no idea what to say to him ever. He says he just wants me to trust him with his card and that he's going to stop using after today. But he said that before. I just need support.

Forestchild said...

5 months ago

My son just relapsed again - and this time he did a very hurtful thing. My husband (his father) is in very fragile health after having lost first a leg on one side and then three toes on the other to diabetes. When he had his leg amputated, my husband had a heart attack and crashed in ICU. The nurses shocked him and got his heart beating again, but for 72 hours we didn't know if he would be coming back to us, or if we would have to take him off life support. Thankfully he has been able to return to us, though he is not the same. Today my son, in order to get out of work but not burn any bridges, told his boss his father died. He said the nurses shocked him in the hospital, but that we ultimately had to take him off life support. Then he got feeling ashamed of himself - came over, and told my husband what he had said! So now my son is back home - and my husband is absolutely heartbroken that his son would say that, of course. I am so done with this kid, at this point, I love him - but there's just a wall up so that I no longer have any feelings around him and his issues. And God help me, I'm angry at my husband as well. Of course he's heartbroken, and I wish I could be of some comfort to him. But he complains so endlessly about small stuff as well as big stuff, and he won't call a friend and complain, he continually dumps a ridiculous amount of negativity on me and only me. (This was the case even before he became diabetic.) Now that I finally have the backbone to tell him I've heard enough - he's not only in very fragile health in the first place, but there are occasions like this when he has every reason to want my sympathy! The thing is, God help me., I'm out of sympathy. Right now he just got out of the hospital with a further (though small) amputation of a bit of infected bone, so I'm not willing to tell him he needs to call a friend instead of dumping all his hurt feelings on to me. I , have no one to turn to for sympathy or a hug myself, and I'm just....afraid I'm turning in to a cold hearted monster because I almost don't have any feelings any more. A while ago (after several honey-I'm-so-sorrys) I told him, "this too shall pass" and he said, "yeah, but what awful thing will happen next ?" I just lost it and started laughing. I suggested we call our goth son in law who has a demented sense of humor, and ask him to list all the terrible things that could possibly happen, and that we dwell on them and enjoy it. Fortunately I said that in a joking manner and my husband found it funny - but I'm so angry. I don't dare go to the store right now because if a homeless person approached me for change, I'm afraid I might mug him. I've been here before and actually this too really will pass - but now would be a good time. Thank you all for letting me vent to you even though I don't know you. I've been letting my own health issues keep me away from Al Anon - but I need to get myself back there immediately. I need to get out of this stuff and not dwell on it, and let it pass. But I just needed to vent to someone one time, so again thank you for letting me do that.

HisHope said...

7 months ago

He has been arrested for the second time for drugs. The moment he got out the first time, it didn't take long to fall back into the cycle of addiction. How do you guide someone to seek help? I know enough to know that if he doesn't want to truly get help and own up to his problem, that it most likely ineffective. So, how do I support him, guide him? I will not enable him at all, but I don't know what to do anymore....

J M said...

7 months ago

What can be done to help with reclusive behavior and axiety during/after opiod withdrawal. No health insurance, financially strapped, any advice will help.

jtmather said...

7 months ago

Watchtower said...

11 months ago

I am offering free seminars and guidance to parents of children with addictions. This includes adult children. To those that are interested I offer Christian Counseling (free as well) as it concerns addiction issues. Also keep telling others about this site. It is a place to get together with others that understand what we are goiong through. I have personally been through this with one of my children.

Alwayserin said...

about 1 year ago

I have a 24 year old daughter who was arrested back in October for conspiracy to manufacture meth. It wasn't until recently that she actually started using it. I have the schooling necessary to understand abuse and addiction and I believe she needs to be in an inpatient facility. She does not believe so. Her lawyer thinks so also. She does not think she has a problem I haven't had the right words to hit home. I told her that she might not be addicted but she certainty was abusing the drug. " if someone holds a pipe in front of you and you can't say no then you definitely have a problem. This shut her up. I am trying to get her into Trosa ahi have is in Durhan NC. They are not making it easy for me to get her in. I will have to track done all the medical records from when she had her TBI, psych reports, neurology reports, etc. in the meantime she is going to fine 1900 reasons she shouldn't go. What's. Mother to do,

Staceyz said...

about 1 year ago

Sad Mothers see the demise of my son again and again...he refuses help...working his own program...was sucked

over 1 year ago

My daughter is in rehab as of last Wednesday. Her first time. It's bad real bad. She has not reached out to connect with me. She is 18.

over 1 year ago

Daughter who left drug treatment and returned to old boyfriend who uses.

over 1 year ago

over 1 year ago

Husband diagnosed 8 yrs ago with leukemia, but has been in remission 7 1/2 yrs, he takes oral chemo daily. About 6 months after diagnosis he got addicted to presciption pain pills and we went aporoximately 5 yrs of lies dealing with that. With help " i beleive" he's kicked that habit but now we're smoking, drinking, and gamblimg which he did previously but not to this extent. I'm at the end of my rope. We have 2 children still at home 22 &19 and are aware of all of this but I don't beleive they know how I'm feeling, I'm just done. It breaks my heart because we always said we could get through anything as long as we had each other. I just don't beleive "we're" together anymore. How do I know when to take the next step and what is the next step at this point? We have tried counseling and every time I think things will change he screws up again!

jade206 said...

over 1 year ago

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