What to Expect From Assisted Living

  • Assisted Living Checklist
    What to look for, and what to ask, when considering an assisted living facility. Expert advice.
  • Top Assisted Living Trends
    What can you expect from a great assisted living and/or a memory care community? A place that's affordable and safe, with excellent care, warm surroundings, and a friendly staff? Find out what top communities do to earn the highest reviews from the famil
  • 5 Reasons to Take Your Pet With You to Assisted Living
    If your loved one adores a dog, cat, bird, or other pet, find out more about the benefits of assisted living communities that are pet friendly.
  • Assisted Living Short-Term Stay
    Considering assisted living? Can't convince your loved one? Consider these 6 reasons to try a short-term stay to help ease the transition.
  • How to Find Transportation Services for Every Budget
    Losing the ability to drive is difficult and limiting for seniors. Find out about alternate transportation options for older adults who don't drive.
  • Assisted Living and Pain Management
    Easy, convenient access to pain management treatment makes an enormous difference in the lives of older adults who are coping with chronic pain. See how assisted living can play a role. From Caring.com.
  • 7 Benefits of Touring Senior Living Communities
    Scheduling visits to a senior living community probably sounds like a lot of work. But it pays off in the end, experts say. Discover 7 benefits to an in-person senior living tour.
  • Key Indicators It's Time for Assisted Living
    How will you know when it's time for assisted living? Keep an eye out for these key indicators.
  • Emergency Preparedness in Assisted Living
    Is your loved one's assisted living community prepared for a natural disaster or other emergency? 6 crisis management best practices to look for.
  • Assisted Living Residents and the Internet
    Find out how one father's temporary stay in an assisted living community helped him discover the joys of the Internet -- and improve communication with his adult children.